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P9DATA | Funding A Decentralized Recording Label On Ethereum (P9DATA)

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The Future of Content Management & Incentivized Consumption

The P9DATA Token is your all access ticket to the future of Modern Music Distribution and Token-Incentivized Media Consumption.  Everything raised via the P9DATA Token Crowdsale will be utilized to fund a Part-Decentralized Multi-Genre Recording Label & Artist Management Group fueled by Ethereum Swarm and constructed with an infrastructure which incentivizes its artists and listeners via P9DATA Tokens, which can very easily be exchanged for Ether.

  • Category Content Management
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Classic Ethereum Classic
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  • Jurisdiction United States
Events & Entertainment
Art & Music
Start Date
November 3rd 2018 12:30 UTC
End Date
February 4th 2019 11:30 UTC
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Royce Runyon photo
Royce Runyon
Founder, Developer
Royce Runyon is a Computer/Tech Related Service Specialist with an extensive background working with a wide range of various system types, operating systems and software. I enjoy creating music, digital graphic design and finally, planning and building extravagant, extensively modified custom watercooled systems! Some of my skills, experience and achievements include: 12+ years 'hands-on' exp. assembling, servicing & repairing all types of computers in all possible form factors, 8+ years assembling custom built watercooled computers, Planning & assembling systems, creating product orders and selecting components for specialty systems for uses such as Music Production, Pro Gaming, 3D Rendering, Hi-Fi Sound Output and lastly, 5+ years working professionally in the field of Computers & Tech, Specialties incl. cable management, internet and network configuration (residential and commercial), computer servicing & repair, Professional I.T, software deployment for businesses..
Crystal Wilson photo
Crystal Wilson
Administration, Director, Co-Founder
Crystal is the teams right hand woman. When called upon, Crystal delivers quality results time and time again. At only 26 years old, Crystal is ambitious, calculated and deserving of all the success in the world. Whenever I address Crystal, she has her eyes glued to multiple devices and screens, analyzing market data, diversifying her portfolio and making power moves in the Cryptosphere like a real boss! Out of everyone we can imagine, if anyone is going to contribute their effort to aide us in our mission to achieve success regarding this endeavor, you best believe, Crystal is that individual! Without a shadow of a doubt.
Taylor Michael photo
Taylor Michael
Lead Director
Taylor is an extremely accomplished and hard working member of our team. As Lead Director, Taylor has an important role which requires him to remain focused and attentive at all times, as the decisions Taylor makes on a day to day basis are what helped us build our foundation and what continue to guide our project and our entire team onward down a pathway to success!

P9DATA | Funding A Decentralized Recording Label On Ethereum Token Distribution

  • Pre-ICO & ICO Token Sale2,250,000,000 P9DATA85.00%
  • Reserved250,000,000 P9DATA15.00%