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Pay, Protect and Collect with ECOMI

The ECOMI ecosystem utilizes blockchain technology, physical hardware devices, and digital assets, to combine four primary sectors in the space: 1. Protection of private keys (for crypto-assets and DApps) 2. Real world cryptocurrency payments 3. Crypto-Collectables 4. Secure storage and sharing of information and data By using smart contracts to execute arbitrary functions, the ECOMI platform allows for immutable protection of digital assets, and the decentralization of data storage.

  • Category Privacy & Security
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
Gaming & VR
Start Date
June 30th 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
September 30th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
Syrian Arab Republic
United States
Viet Nam
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David Yu photo
David Yu
CEO and Co-founder
Yu has been heavily involved in the licensing and retail industry for over 20 years, working with intellectual property, and transforming unique gaming, and collectible licenses into globally recognised brands. Over the years, Yu has established and cemented relationships with Konami Games, Games Workshop, Middle Earth, and Tokidoki, to name a few.
Daniel Crothers photo
Daniel Crothers
COO and Co-founder
As an early adopter of web technology, Dan got involved in the web in the late 90's building a web company that served international companies such as Hasbro. Around 2006, he also moved into the into cannabis industry, co-founding the largest cannabis media publication HERB. His interests now lie in the truly disruptive technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies - the digital platform of the future.
Joseph Janik photo
Joseph Janik
CIO and Co-founder
Joseph found discipline and business acumen at a young age to become an e-commerce and marketing expert. Having founded and successfully run a number of online start-ups he has learned a number of critical and practical lessons which are evident in his ability to lead and organize management tasks for the ECOMI project.
Mikel Duffy photo
Mikel Duffy
Mikel worked as a software engineer and the technical lead in the blockchain advisory department for KPMG (among other things) before becoming the CTO of ECOMI. His strong interests include startups, software development, security, electronics, and fabrication.
Rhys Skellern photo
Rhys Skellern
Communications Manager
Rhys found his entrepreneurial feet at a young age, starting his first business at 14. After an introduction to the property industry whilst in high school he completed a bachelors degree in Construction Management and Property. This led to a University diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which, combined with his skills and passion for journalism and writing has seen his interests come full circle into the disruptive and emerging crypto/blockchain space. After showing his prowess as a writer for an (undisclosed) publication that has millions of monthly views- he was approached by the ECOMI team to manage their communications and public networks. With a constant hunger for personal development and skill acquisition, Rhys is looking forward to the opportunity to grow with this exciting project and team, helping to bring new technologies and business solutions to the masses.

OMI Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale500,000,000 OMI50.00%
  • Long term Initiatives and Licenses280,000,000 OMI28.00%
  • Board, Founders, Investors180,000,000 OMI18.00%
  • Bounty20,000,000 OMI2.00%
  • Advisors20,000,000 OMI2.00%