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The World's First Decentralized P2P bidding platform

The OfferZone platform is the world's first decentralize P2P bidding platform, based on Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts for full transparency. Its purpose is to serve as an e-commerce platform allowing users to offer products or services at a non-competitive low price. Users can buy or sell; used, open box, brand new product or services by using (OFZ) tokens as the payment.

  • Category Commerce & Advertising
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction United Kingdom
Start Date
October 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
December 25th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
United States
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Jessica Vardanyan photo
Jessica Vardanyan
E-commerce specialist & business development
Jessica Vardanyan is a graduate of business development in London with a degree in business & marketing. She successfully ran her own e-commerce store which she sold to focus completely on OfferZone. Jessica joined the OfferZone team, with a strong focus on people, strategy, innovation, business development, creation and to make sure OfferZone platform offers the best to the world.
Marco Alvarez photo
Marco Alvarez
Ceo & Founder
Serial entrepreneur executive, business development strategist. With a degree in financial management and 10+ years of experience combine with e-commerce, technology, banking and business development, Marco is always implementing strategic and operational plans for e-commerce with blockchain technology. Marco traveled the globe assisting individuals in scaling their e-commerce stores, developing extensive knowledge about competing platforms such as Shopify, amazon, e-bay.
Danielle Abbadie photo
Danielle Abbadie
E-commerce specialist
Danielle’s passion is e-commerce, she started to manage programming and got involved in all aspects of business (sales, merchandising, shipping, online marketing, customer service, now she has enough experience in the world of e-commerce, Danielle is highly Qualified to take Offerzone to the highest level in online business and put the best of both worlds e-commerce and Blockchain technology combine into the world’s first bid platform.
Eduardo Martinez photo
Eduardo Martinez
Community Manager
Marketing specialist, Eduardo has been in the crypto world since 2011 and has learned many aspects of the industry, his passion is online business, marketing, e-commerce and crypto. Now being part of OfferZone Eduardo will support the e-commerce environment and the OfferZone community.
Maryana Konobewskaya photo
Maryana Konobewskaya
Web design
As a web designer Maryana offers great touch to the marketing material a company needs. Design is what catches the eye of the public. Her passion is always creating the most creative material and bringing things to live.



Smith Villareal photo
Smith Villareal
Marketing & logistics
Smith comes from family of engineers, Smith started designing games in the network at the age of 13 years, after that he started developing web, passionate for PHP, JavaScript software systems, CISCO system and operating systems. Smith was shocked when he met the network of Ethereum, Smart Contracts, now he’s a lover of blockchain system and the entire decentralized model.
Francisco Orozco photo
Francisco Orozco
Marketing Specialis
A specialist in blockchain, as a developer, he has strong technical, analytical, architectural and communication skills, and is willing to help the team, as well as share his knowledge. Francisco is also a crypto enthusiast and has invested in many crypto currencies since 2012. With his overall knowledge in both crypto and technology, he has manage to grow his skills to very high standards.
Nelly Vega photo
Nelly Vega
Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing
Nelly has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry and is passionate about helping new and existing businesses surpass their goals and deliver successful projects. With a degree is marketing and business development, she brings a strong knowledge of over 7 years of marketing experience, implementing the different communication strategies in RRSS, contents, themes, metrics, analytics, participation in segments, taking advantage of short, medium and long market opportunities Term.
Arman Hryhorian photo
Arman Hryhorian
Marketing Manager
Arman is specializes in managed services program, 1000 client service issues. He’s actively negotiated vendor contracts, performed detailed analysis of client configurations and optimized them to be more efficient for less cost, and directed invoice analysis and implementation of cost savings recommendations to clients. Arman is passionate about creating a better world for people in need. He spends his time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity when he is not traveling the world to support his clients.
Victoria Krutikova photo
Victoria Krutikova
Specialist in Marketing
Specialist in Marketing and e-commerce, Victoria has been working with crypto projects and helping the community. Her focus has being always working with the best projects that offer the best value to users, OfferZone was a no brainer for Victoria since it has a unique system that has no competitors in the market. Her focus is to share this platform to the world.

OfferZone Token Distribution

  • CROWDSALE130,480,000 OFZ40.00%
  • TEAM & FOUNDERS65,240,000 OFZ20.00%
  • REWARD PROGRAM42,406,000 OFZ13.00%
  • RESERVE32,620,000 OFZ10.00%
  • ADVISORS22,834,000 OFZ7.00%


  • Oct 2018

    Pre - sale offer & OfferZone first community Raffle Promotion

  • Jun 2019

    “AI” smart Multi-services platform integration for products, services, jobs, advertising, trading and much more.

  • Aug 2019

    Development of iOS and Android Smart OfferZone Platform apps

  • Dec 2020

    Global OfferZone exchange market integrated with over 2,000,000 users

  • Feb 2021

    Complete system and project audit to analyze growth and plan for future scalability