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The Notary Platform is the first mobile application which enables you to engage in contracts on the go! With the help of our app, you can sign a contract wherever, whenever, and without a third party involved!

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Start Date
October 10th 2017 18:00 UTC
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November 10th 2017 18:00 UTC
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Saso Vercko photo
Saso Vercko
Co-founder; CEO
An MA in Economics with a specialization in international business economy. Worked on different projects, such as: - supervising an international team of people who carried out services for larger companies in Central Europe - an active involvement in marketing (international markets), accounting, and logistics for different companies - the CEO of a recently established company Slowin Ltd. (the official authorized distributor of a well-known brand) specialized in importing goods to the UK A long-time investor and absolutely passionate about the developing crypto space. His vision: to make a platform which will modernize and change the way people engage in contracts.
Iztok Perus photo
Iztok Perus
Founder; CDIO
Holding a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, working extensively on mechanical, static, dynamic and stability phenomena of different structures / systems. His recent research has been focused on inherent features related to the stability of stochastic static and dynamic systems (which, among the others, also applies to distributed and decentralized blockchain-like systems). He has developed some successful theoretical approaches and practical real-life applications using neural networks, including co-authoring aiNet neural network software. Unfortunately not an early adopter but he is deeply passionate about the cryptocurrency universe after the first deep dive into it a few years ago. He sees Bitcoin, smart contracts and the distributed ledger technology as one of the most important invention of the decade, if not of the century.
Anita Zvikart photo
Anita Zvikart
A copywriter specialised in the field of social media. For the last 4 years taking care for the online appearance and communication of various brands. An honour to work with some of major international brands, i.e. SPAR Slovenia, Volkswagen, Holding Slovenske elektrarne (the biggest Slovenian energetics company), Slovenian Basketball Federation etc. Newcomer in the world of cryptocurrencies, but very passionate about it.