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Based on decentralized network technology, the system uses an encrypted, distributed storage solution and offers easy access to medical data, leveraging mobile networks and three-factor authentication for security.

  • Category Drugs & Healthcare
  • Project Type New Blockchain
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Start Date
May 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
June 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
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Aram Kovach photo
Aram Kovach
Founder President
Entrepreneur with numerous patents. A global strategist and technology digerati. Technology consultant and inventor. It is our goal to make Mobius a household name, with everything mobi. Mobius is a mobile interactive marketing company utilizing Mobius a powerful, self learning recognition AI system that has been modified for use with camera cell phones. It is the intuitive, link to the digital universe and everything in it that we can see.
Gabriel Ronai photo
Gabriel Ronai
Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer
Website CMS development, mobile web dev, streaming media service background development, linux and windows system administration, software and database design, development and deployment. Web shopping system, optical recognition based game systems, digital signage network design, development and deployment. PHP, XML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, responsive websites in general. Experience with Bootstrap 2.3, Bootstrap 3. Backend development for iOS apps. Streaming live and VOD content to desktop/iOS/Android devices with Wowza Media Server & Wowza GoCoder.
Dr. Branislav Cobanov Ph.D. photo
Dr. Branislav Cobanov Ph.D.
Big Data and Data Mining Specialist
Dr. Branislav Cobanov is a Data Scientist at JPMorgan Chase. He has received his Statistics & Data Mining Degree at The Ohio State University. Currently focuses on problems in the areas of Big Data and Machine Learning.
Mike Rocke photo
Mike Rocke
International Business Strategist
Mike Rocke, has joined the advisory board for as a business strategist. Mike brings a wealth of business acumen and business intelligence to the forefront of technology and innovation. One of Mike's previous roles was as the innovation acquisition lead for Intel Capital, the investment arm of the chip maker Intel. Mike sought out global opportunities and invested in or helped acquire innovative companies for Intel. Mike brings 30 years of focused business acumen, and a wealth of knowledge of integrated systems from energy startups to IC manufacturing. These skills will help drive the innovation state of the art behind and add to cutting edge technologies that are being pioneered by the group. Mike brings a very broad portfolio of contacts that will help network interested parties to get involved with disruptive new medical technology.