Minter (BIP)

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instant payments, fiat exchange, ton integration, telegram

Minter is a fastest blockchain network that lets people, projects, and companies create and manage their own coins and exchange them at a fair price with absolute and instant liquidity. Every coins created here you can instant change on BTC, other cryptocurrencies and fiat (USD).

  • Category Payments
  • Project Type Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm DPoS
  • Bitcoin TalkOpenOpen Bitcoin Talk
  • Jurisdiction Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Masternode Yes
Start Date
September 1st 2018 10:00 UTC
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End Date
October 31st 2018
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Restricted Countries
United States
Tokens for sale



Minter Token Distribution

  • Block Rewards9,800,000,000 BIP98.00%
  • AirDrop100,000,000 BIP1.00%
  • Early Access Campaign100,000,000 BIP1.00%


  • Mar 2018

    Testnet Launch

  • Sep 2018

    Early Access Campaign starts

  • Sep 2018

    SDK for integrations of transfers

  • Oct 2018

    Native BIP wallets

  • Oct 2018

    End of Early Access Campaign ends


Why is your company going to succeed?

• Instant payments — transactions are done in 5 seconds, with fees lower than $0.001;
• Usernames as addresses — no need to memorize long strings of symbols;
• Absolute liquidity — with BIP in reserve and the price discovered algorithmically, each coin
can be instantly reminted to BIP or any other coin without the need for an intermediary;
• Limitless — BIP and other coins issued in the network can be exchanged for BTC and
ETH (via Cosmos Zone) or even secured in USD;
• Developer-friendly — to boost the development of Minter Apps, the team has already
released open-source SDKs for iOS, Android, JS, and even a Telegram bot kit.