Minter (BIP)

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instant payments, fiat exchange, ton integration, telegram

Minter is a fastest blockchain network that lets people, projects, and companies create and manage their own coins and exchange them at a fair price with absolute and instant liquidity. Every coins created here you can instant change on BTC, other cryptocurrencies and fiat (USD).

  • Category Payments
  • Project Type Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm DPoS
  • Bitcoin TalkOpenOpen Bitcoin Talk
  • Jurisdiction Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Masternode Yes
Start Date
September 1st 2018 10:00 UTC
End Date
October 31st 2018
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Restricted Countries
United States
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Eugene Gordeev photo
Eugene Gordeev
Product Owner
Visionary, advocate for user-friendly products. Venture investor, Bitcoin evangelist since 2013, founder of many projects at the earliest stage of markets—online advertising, mobile applications, Big Data, and currently blockchain.
Daniil Lashin photo
Daniil Lashin
Blockchain Developer
In charge of the Minter core. Blockchain wunderkind, total dev experience is seven years, with three of them in blockchain.
Vasiliy Malyavin photo
Vasiliy Malyavin
Blockchain Developer
Systematizes Minter integration with off-chain world. Developer with eight years of experience in mobile, CRM, and e-commerce application projects. Realized decentralization was the next big thing before it was too late.
Daniil Dulin photo
Daniil Dulin
Back-end Developer
Develops Explorer and its API. Dev experience amounts to 12 years, among which two in blockchain products.
Kamil Mukhametzyanov photo
Kamil Mukhametzyanov
Back-end Developer
Author of Telegram bot wallets, PHP SDK. Young and promising, six years in backend, two in blockchain. Deems Telegram superior to other messengers.
Nikita Eybog photo
Nikita Eybog
Front-end Developer
All things web—Console, wallets, pages. Author of JS SDK. Five years in web development, expertise in creating SPAs, responsive layouts, and animation. Loves working overtime.
Eduard Maximovich photo
Eduard Maximovich
Developed and now improves Android wallet, authored Android SDK. Four years of experience in mobile dev for Android, seven in backend dev for web projects. Developer of desktop and system software for *nix systems. Vaper.
Alexey Sidorov photo
Alexey Sidorov
iOS Developer
Author of iOS wallet and iOS SDK. Total experience in app development is 10 years, with last five years focused on iOS applications. Launched his own startups, raised funds. User security guard.
Ariil Davydov photo
Ariil Davydov
We know nothing about him, yet he helped us a lot.

Minter Token Distribution

  • Block Rewards9,800,000,000 BIP98.00%
  • AirDrop100,000,000 BIP1.00%
  • Early Access Campaign100,000,000 BIP1.00%


  • Mar 2018

    Testnet Launch

  • Sep 2018

    Early Access Campaign starts

  • Sep 2018

    SDK for integrations of transfers

  • Oct 2018

    Native BIP wallets

  • Oct 2018

    End of Early Access Campaign ends


Why is your company going to succeed?

• Instant payments — transactions are done in 5 seconds, with fees lower than $0.001;
• Usernames as addresses — no need to memorize long strings of symbols;
• Absolute liquidity — with BIP in reserve and the price discovered algorithmically, each coin
can be instantly reminted to BIP or any other coin without the need for an intermediary;
• Limitless — BIP and other coins issued in the network can be exchanged for BTC and
ETH (via Cosmos Zone) or even secured in USD;
• Developer-friendly — to boost the development of Minter Apps, the team has already
released open-source SDKs for iOS, Android, JS, and even a Telegram bot kit.