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The Seconds Beyond The First

The MSEC System is a hyperledger-based system that executes a one-second rental contract for any utilities. The concept can be universally applied to all utilities as time has always been the common denominator of all forms of return. We chose the traditional gold mining business as the first application of MSEC, mirroring the mining contract of mining pools for cryptocurrencies. The particular mining project is chosen based on, inter alia, its comparatively low risk nature.

  • Category Commodities
  • Project Type Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm Hyperledger
  • Bitcoin TalkOpenOpen Bitcoin Talk
  • Jurisdiction Hong Kong
  • Masternode No
Start Date
June 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
- -Days
- -Hours
- -Mins
- -Secs
End Date
December 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
- -Days
- -Hours
- -Mins
- -Secs
Restricted Countries
Hong Kong
Tokens for sale

MINING SECONDS Token Distribution

  • Total Circulation3,155,760,000 MSEC100.00%
  • Fixed Reserves2,934,856,800 MSEC93.00%
  • Public Circulation126,230,400 MSEC4.00%
  • Company Reserves63,115,200 MSEC2.00%
  • Development Team Reserves31,557,600 MSEC1.00%


  • May 2018

    Pre-sale Stage 1

  • May 2018

    Pre-sale Stage 2

  • May 2018

    Road show Hong Kong

  • Jun 2018

    Initial Token Offering Stage 1

  • Jun 2018

    Initial Token Offering Stage 2