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Medica Applications Interface & Use Cases Building Healthcare Applications on Top of the Medica Application Protocol. Developers can build applications on top of the application protocol layer and are incentivized to do so through the Medica utility token mechanics.

  • Category Drugs & Healthcare
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Belize
Start Date
September 28th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
November 10th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Paul FLores photo
Paul FLores
President Founder
Paul is the President of He is an inspiring leader with a truly remarkable background. He started as a Medical Officer for a Global Pharmaceutical company and worked hard to build his way to the top. With his vast experience in the medical field, he Co-founded and became a director of a private multi-specialists medical group, responsible for quality assurance and daily operations. Later, he became an Executive Medical Director at Concord International Hospital, followed by a term as Quality & Safety Surveyor and Instructor at an ECRI institute for over 10 years. He then became a Director for Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d. spanning more than 3 years. Today his sole focus is now with Paul and his team are highly dedicated to rebuilding healthcare and utilizing innovation through a proprietary new healthcare ecosystem, enabling a secure dApp infrastructure for Health Record storage
albert chan photo
albert chan
The Healthcare expert of the team in, Albert possesses the immense knowledge, experience, and more than a dozen skill-sets. His strong background in healthcare is backed up with a solid foundation in finance, having served on several successful projects in the past. He has spent over 12 years working in the healthcare industry. It is his passion to build brands whilst developing healthcare. He is committed in going above and beyond for and establishes better healthcare worldwide.
Yao Detan photo
Yao Detan
Yao is a well-respected Director of the executive team in He has worked in the biology sector for over 6 years. He is not only a prominent leader, but also an educator. His drive for excellence, adaptability and success are the reasons why he is the perfect addition to the team.
Cess laguardia photo
Cess laguardia
Digital Marketing Expert
Cess is an experienced professional within the crypto community and beyond. She's demonstrated a history of working in several key roles for various successful crypto projects. Cess brings to the team, broad skills in internet marketing management, virtual assistant, bounty, social media/ community manager and human resources.