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Building the Manufacturing Blockchain

Manufactory is developing the Blockchain model for the manufacturing industry ecosystem. Our vision is to facilitate the digitisation of manufacturing data through Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things and to provide an intelligent decentralised ecosystem. This will empower manufacturing facilities to maximise the efficiency of their assets and create intelligent manufacturing systems allowing any size enterprise to produce an exceptionally smart factory on a level not seen before.

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Machine Learning & AI
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Adrian Bukowski photo
Adrian Bukowski
Adrian started his manufacturing engineering career as an engineering apprentice in the Aerospace industry. Having worked his way up from the shop floor to his current position as an engineering management undergraduate. He has worked in multiple specialised areas including managing a laser drilling technology process that is used to produce complex features in high performance gas turbine components. He also project managed a 3D printing process that revolutionised the production of sensitive composite parts.Adrian is also an accredited Lean Six Sigma Green belt practitioner which has led to him producing significant savings in his roles. Adrian joins the Manufactory team as a keen blockchain enthusiast and his broad knowledge of manufacturing processes and management will be vital as we create the Manufactory community.
Jay Bartholomew photo
Jay Bartholomew
Working in the Gas Turbine Industry since 1995, Jay has worked her way up from the shopfloor to become a leader of a specialist manufacturing plant within the gas turbine industry. With a Master’s Degree from Warwick University in Engineering Business Management, Jay has a deep understanding of manufacturing operations management and the issues that can be caused by a complex manufacturing plant. Her focus will be to ensure that the Manufactory system will address all the aspects that are required to run a successful and efficient factory.
Liam Palmer photo
Liam Palmer
An experienced manufacturing engineer, Liam specialises in subtractive machining technology. Liam's role as a process manufacturing engineer has seen him revolutionise methods of manufacture for specialist components in difficult to machine materials. Realising major cost savings and lead-time improvements for manufacturing sub-systems has resulted in him being a respected member of the manufacturing community. Liam's expertise will be used to ensure the Manufactory project embeds the latest manufacturing best practice into the eco-system.
Tony Bartholomew photo
Tony Bartholomew
Tony has been at the forefront of Aerospace special process manufacturing for over 30 years. He built the UK’s largest Electro-Discharge machining (EDM) centre which became a firsttier supplier to Airbus. Supplying a critical component on the fastest moving aircraft assembly line in the world. Tony’s experience in starting and building new technology companies and manufacturing processes will be invaluable to the Manufactory project.
Philip Dyke photo
Philip Dyke
Phil is a knowledgeable and skilled hardware and software design engineer with over 7 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing complete solutions for a plethora of electronic devices. His work includes performing all aspects of system design and development for over 22 Internet of Things (IoT) devices from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, remote monitoring and smart devices. Phil also has a very keen interest in Blockchain development and his comprehensive experience will be vital in developing our universal hardware Blockchain connector.

Manufactory Token Distribution

  • Token Sale130,000,000 MFR40.00%
  • User growth fund65,000,000 MFR20.00%
  • Founder, advisors and management65,000,000 MFR20.00%
  • Reserve32,500,000 MFR10.00%
  • Foundation32,500,000 MFR10.00%


  • Q3 2018

    Manufactroy concept created

  • Q4 2018

    MFR Pre Sale

  • Q1 2019

    MFR Token Sale

  • Q2 2019

    MFR Token Distribution