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Privacy preserving data analysis by design.

MADANA is the first ever ICO and Sidechain project on the Lisk Blockchain. MADANA stands for an open platform for data analysis, preserving privacy by design. The blockchain-based ecosystem allows anyone to stay in control of their data while monetizing it in an anonymous way. MADANA aims to provide a GDPR compliant way for data processing, enabling new business models for future Apps and Services. German ICO with approval from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

  • Category Data Analytics
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformLisk Lisk
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  • Jurisdiction Germany
Data Analytics
Privacy & Security
Start Date
September 1st 2018 10:00 UTC
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End Date
October 31st 2018 11:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
United States
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Christian Junger photo
Christian Junger
CEO & Co-Founder
Christian is CEO and Co-Founder of the German blockchain start-up MADANA. His crypto career began in 2013 with his first Bitcoins during his studies in Finance and Entrepreneurship. In 2013 he co-founded the Bitcoin meetup in Aachen and was involved in the founding process of Lisk. Christian participated in various blockchain projects as Business Development Lead at CryptoTec AG. Next to leading MADANA, Christian is speaking as German blockchain expert at many conferences around the world.
Dieter Schule photo
Dieter Schule
COO & Co-Founder
Our COO worked as a management consultant involved in implementing and consulting on business structures and processes for startups and big corporations. As a German Engineer, he loves accuracy, clear communication, and is a structured visionary with great focus on making a change.
J.-fabian Wenisch photo
J.-fabian Wenisch
or the last 8 years, our CTO worked in the German automotive industry as IT System and Software Engineer and developed a secure transmission system (OFTP) which is used by 3,000 commercial customers worldwide. Fabian’s love for Blockchain began with GPU mining over four years ago and he is highly experienced in this fields.
Stefan Lockowandt photo
Stefan Lockowandt
Strategy & Organization
Stefan has a positive attitude super-power. He is our reliable generalist, deals with MADANA’s organizational challenges, and keeps the company running.
Nicolas Pettican photo
Nicolas Pettican
Head of Development
Leading, multicultural and entrepreneurial spirit. Strong technological foundation from the University of Manchester. Experienced in managing organisations and software development projects.
Julian Schiemann photo
Julian Schiemann
Head of Marketing
Startup Storyteller and collaborative doer. Entrepreneur of small online businesses and encouraging team leader. Passionate about Startup Marketing, Usability Design and Blockchain.
Dennis Gilburg photo
Dennis Gilburg
Marketing Manager
Studied International Marketing Management in New York. Social Influencer, Marketing enthusiast and Strategic Marketing expert.

MADANA Token Distribution

  • Investors & Community55,000,000 PAX55.00%
  • Network Building & System Development15,000,000 PAX15.00%
  • Long Term Stabilization15,000,000 PAX15.00%
  • Team & Adivsors15,000,000 PAX15.00%


  • Feb 2018

    2018 Febuary - Announcing 1st ICO on the Lisk Blockchain

  • Mar 2018

    2018 March - Patent pending

  • Mar 2018

    2018 March - Partnership with Capgemini

  • Q3 2018

    2018 Q3 – Tokenomics Paper

  • Q1 2019

    2019 Q1 - Pilot project with B2B partners