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Our mission is to make truly user-friendly smartglasses, and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem. Lucyd owns a portfolio of 13 unique, AR patents that will allow for the development of an interactive AR display that appears like a normal pair of glasses.

Start Date
October 17th 2017 20:00 UTC
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End Date
February 28th 2018 20:00 UTC
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Konrad Dabrowski, CPA
Konrad Dabrowski, CPACofounder, Finance Lead
Eric Cohen
Eric CohenCofounder, Software Lead
Harrison Gross
Harrison GrossCofounder, Media Lead
Nikita Fuchs
Nikita FuchsBlockchain Lead
Maria Kowalski
Maria KowalskiMarket Lead
Amarilis Zozaya
Amarilis ZozayaPR Lead - Latin America


Professor Janick Rolland, Ph.D.
Professor Janick Rolland, Ph.D.Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Prof. Yiorgos Kostoulas, Ph.D.
Prof. Yiorgos Kostoulas, Ph.D.Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Mikhail Gutin, Ph.D.
Mikhail Gutin, Ph.D.Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Leo Baldwin, M.S.
Leo Baldwin, M.S.Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Donna Waters. M.S.
Donna Waters. M.S.Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Professor Hao Li, Ph.D.
Professor Hao Li, Ph.D.Science Advisor, AR
Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Ph.D
Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Ph.DScience Advisor, AR
Kunio Okuda
Kunio OkudaBlockchain Investor and Advisor - Japan & Asia
Steven Ormond-Smith, FCCA
Steven Ormond-Smith, FCCABlockchain Investor & Advisor - Europe