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Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform

Lovar is a community involved, blockchain-based protocol that aims to provide an innovative platform for investing in artificial intelligence. We operate by employing a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that trades on major exchanges to earn profit and reward Lovar investors. Currently, we offer four overarching investment solutions including term deposits, sell over time, internal exchange, and external exchange.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction United States
Machine Learning & AI
Start Date
June 14th 2018 02:00 UTC
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End Date
August 23rd 2018 02:00 UTC
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Lovar Token Distribution

  • ICO7,500,000 LVA75.00%
  • Reserve1,500,000 LVA15.00%
  • Company500,000 LVA5.00%
  • Referrals500,000 LVA5.00%


  • Feb 2017

    Development of LovarAI.

  • Jun 2017

    LovarAI enters beta phase of testing.

  • Jul 2017

    LovarAI live trading begins.

  • Aug 2017

    LovarAI upgraded by implementing DeepMind and machine-learning capabilities.

  • Dec 2017

    LovarAI version 1.0 release. Inception of AI investment platform. Concept planning and market research.

  • Jan 2018

    KeyCap feature added to LovarAI. Commencement of white paper.

  • Feb 2018

    Website with blockchain integration in development. LovarAI upgrades to an ergonomically designed user interface.

  • Apr 2018

    Website features tested and finalized.

  • May 2018

    Lovar website launched ( Official Lovar social media accounts created. White paper finalized. Advertising campaign commences.

  • Jun 2018

    ICO begins.

  • Jul 2018

    Additional cryptocurrency implemented via community poll.

  • Aug 2018

    ICO concludes and unsold tokens burnt. Release of Block Explorer.

  • Sep 2018

    Launch of Short Term Deposits and Internal Exchange. Lovar Discord bot with wallet integration added. AI Analytics release.

  • Oct 2018

    Release of Long Term Deposits and Sell Over Time. Additional cryptocurrency implemented via community poll.

  • Nov 2018

    Android and iOS mobile apps under development. Launch of Lovar forum. First external exchange announcement.

  • Dec 2018

    Second external exchange announcement. VULCAN network announcement.

  • Jan 2019

    Lovar yearly status report. LovarAI Lite release. Additional cryptocurrency implemented via community poll. Android and iOS apps release.

  • Feb 2019

    Third external exchange announcement. Release of 2019-2020 road map.


Why is your company going to succeed?

We offer a working prototype and trading experience prior to ICO. Our unique position allows us to generate interest immediately after ICO to develop a substantial safety net. We support financial inclusivity by offering innovative investment solutions.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Lovar was co-founded by Mark Williams and Andy Nguyen who formed a team in the Greater Los Angeles area.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

In no particular order. 1. Technology advancements that change the market. 2. Changes to cryptocurrency regulations. 3. Market volatility. 4. Security issues. 5. Future competition.