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LocalCoinSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which distributes 100% of the profits to holders of its Cryptoshare (LCS) token. Token holders can run the exchange using proof-of-stake voting, recieve regular airdrops of new ICO coins, and use the sites profits to engage in new business venture together

  • Category Trading & Investing
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Start Date
April 15th 2018
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End Date
June 15th 2018 23:59 UTC
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Nathan Worsley photo
Nathan Worsley
Chief Technical Officer
Early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Developer of a series of successful trading algorithms based on Triangular Arbitrage between cryptocurrencies. Technological experience includes C/C++, Python, R, Matlab, SQL, Git, Bash and Linux.
Aapeli Vuorinen photo
Aapeli Vuorinen
Lead Security Engineer
Data analyst, white-hat hacker and full-stack developer. Over 10 years of experience in software development and systems administration. Exceptionally talented at understanding and utilizing network and software protocols.
Valéri Natanelov photo
Valéri Natanelov
Chief Marketing Officer
Entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of growAbric (knowledge brokering and design thinking company). Lifelong blockchain enthusiast. Extensive international business experience with a strong passion for design thinking and analytical problem-solving. Has lived on every (habitable) continent. Fluent in four languages.
Thomas Underwood photo
Thomas Underwood
Chief Financial Officer
Experienced financial analyst and business development manager, with roles at major Australian and international private companies. Professional skills are well rounded, within all accounting and financial roles, with proven abilities to create solutions for start-ups and cryptocurrency-related companies. Professional development includes passing CFA level 1. Australian Regional Manager for
Daniel Worsley photo
Daniel Worsley
Chief of Operations
Experienced in business strategy, operations and quantitative analysis. Successful stock and commodities trader in several financial markets over the last 8 years. Advisor to a Hong Kong based investment firm. Passionate about decentralization and blockchain technologies.



Mr. David S. Lee photo
Mr. David S. Lee
Legal Advisor
David worked in investment management in Hong Kong and London before joining the University of Hong Kong. He started his career at Goldman Sachs and also has experience in law and in management consulting. David remains engaged in professional practice by working with companies and entrepreneurs, particularly in finance and technology.
Dr. Artem Sergeev photo
Dr. Artem Sergeev
Legal Advisor
Artem is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Hong Kong. In addition to his legal work as an academic, Artem contributed to the United Nation’s mission in Cambodia, Oxford University Press, theDesk and a number of other enterprises. He has published a range of articles on various aspects of international law, received several notable academic awards, and actively contributed to the legal community around the world.
Frank Zhu photo
Frank Zhu
Legal Advisor
Frank has extensive technology innovation experience in the finance industry. He is currently a technology analyst in a major investment bank based in HK. He also has two years of experience in front and backend development
Mario Innecco photo
Mario Innecco
Financial Advisor
Experienced financial professional and former FCA Registered Representative (1993-2012) with a wide skillset and proven track record. Professional background includes work as a Private Banker and Government Bond and Exchange Traded Derivatives Broker. Mario currently works as a Market and Economics Analyst and provides regular commentary on his Youtube channel
Vladimir Ninov photo
Vladimir Ninov
Marketing Advisor
Vladimir is a serial online entrepreneur with a vast experience in digital marketing, advertising, crowdfunding and growth hacking. With over 7 years of experience helping crowdfunding projects to raise over $100 million on various platforms.
Shaf Zaman photo
Shaf Zaman
Marketing & Fundraising Advisor
Manager of a private investment community which focuses on ICO fundraising. Extensive marketing and management experience. Has been involved with Blockchain technology for several years. Early investor in multiple successful ICO's. Expertise as a community manager and networker for specialist investors.
Andrew Bondarevich photo
Andrew Bondarevich
Marketing Advisor
Dynamic and result oriented executive who drives ideas towards implementation with the simple logic of ROI. 18+ years in sales & marketing working across industries and functions. Deep understanding of the nuances of business strategy which have contributed to a successful track record of attaining corporate objectives.
George Kimionis photo
George Kimionis
Technical Advisor
Chief Executive Officer and founder of Coinomi Wallet, the largest and most proven phone wallet with support for more than 150 digital assets and zero users funds lost. Technical expertise includes the production and deployment of highly scalable software, implementation of new cryptographic assets, and intrusion resistance.

LocalCoinSwap Token Distribution

  • PUBLIC CROWDSALE70,000,000 LCS70.00%
  • COMMUNITY VENTURE FUND10,000,000 LCS10.00%
  • DEVELOPMENT TEAM10,000,000 LCS10.00%
  • BOUNTY PROGRAM5,000,000 LCS5.00%
  • SECURITY BONUS5,000,000 LCS5.00%