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LEXIT is the first marketplace for IP and entire companies.

LEXIT is the first marketplace for IP and entire companies. LEXIT allows entrepreneurs to trade intellectual property, copyrights, and technology from discontinued projects and even sell whole startups. Blockchain-based tokenization models and the disintermediation of appraisement and matchmaking services allow LEXIT to make Mergers & Acquisitions easy as selling a car.

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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Estonia
Start Date
June 19th 2018 23:30 UTC
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End Date
September 30th 2018 12:00 UTC
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United States
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Amir Kaltak photo
Amir Kaltak
With 22 years as an entrepreneur in various industries, Amir is an early adopter of the ever-evolving blockchain technology and remains active as a participant, keynote speaker and expert panellist at numerous blockchain events around the globe.
Wajid Khilji photo
Wajid Khilji
Wajid has two Master degrees and numerous academic achievements in Computer Science, demonstrating his capacity to seek new ways to program on the blockchain; his experience in blockchain showed in the successful development of smart contracts and ICO platforms.
Deniss Raider photo
Deniss Raider
Every step in Product Development is approached with strategic vision and creative touch. Deniss takes good ideas and turns them into a living, breathing entity.
Dr. Jason Corbett photo
Dr. Jason Corbett
Dr. Corbett is the founder and Managing Partner of Silk Legal, a law firm with a specialization in FinTech and Block Chain / Distributed Ledger Technologies.
Maija Majamäki photo
Maija Majamäki
Whether it’s a Startup or an established Company, Maija knows exactly how to set comprehensive goals to drive extensive and sustainable growth.
Nikita Samylin photo
Nikita Samylin
Responsible for marketing and communications strategies. Nikita knows how to deliver the right message to the right audience globally.
Frederik Prins photo
Frederik Prins
With broad experience in the world of international syndicated financing, Frederik is responsible for Business Development, Legal and Strategic Alliances.
Ana Falcon photo
Ana Falcon
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ana is B2B & B2C digital marketing strategy expert. Her goal is generating leads and sales, growing the audience and community of LEXIT, and solving other unique digital marketing challenges.
Dmytro Tkachuk photo
Dmytro Tkachuk
Software Engineer
With a degree in Math & Computer Science and a wide range of skills in software development, both enterprise and open-source, Dmitry understands very well how to solve complex problems.
Ekaterina Goncharova photo
Ekaterina Goncharova
Public Relations Assistant
A PR graduate with strong organizational skills, Kate provides a great support to LEXIT’s PR activities. Her work is essential for the execution of PR plans and strategies.
Kristian Söderström photo
Kristian Söderström
Head of Anti-Money Laundering
With years of experience in fraud investigation and anti-money laundering operations, Kristian will be responsible for directing LEXIT's fraud investigation and anti-money laundering policies, procedures and solutions.
Valeria Shirlina photo
Valeria Shirlina
Head of Customer Service
With background in international journalism and excellent communication skills, Valeria finds ways to measure customer satisfaction and improve our services.
Krista Kevad photo
Krista Kevad
Executive Assistant
With experience in office management and customer support Krista helps the team in daily operations and makes sure that all activities stay in line.
Md Hafijul Islam photo
Md Hafijul Islam
Senior UI/UX Designer
Sayeed is a passionate artist with an entrepreneurial mindset. His professional career consists of 10+ years of experience in digital design, information architecture and content strategy.



Jaron Lukasiewicz photo
Jaron Lukasiewicz
A Veteran Blockchain executive and former investment banker and analyst at J.P. Morgan, SPB Partners, and The CapStreet Group. Jaron served as CEO & Founder of Coinsetter, a New York City-based digital currency exchange acquired by Kraken FX in 2016.
Eric Gu photo
Eric Gu
Eric Gu is the CEO & Founder of Metaverse - China's first open source public blockchain which has created great awareness among the Chinese public media and financial institutions from 2016. As the Chairman of the Metaverse Foundation, Eric has committed to expanding the various industry use cases in the Metaverse eco-system to explore more Blockchain applications in different categories.
Edward Cotler photo
Edward Cotler
Edward Cotler is a corporate finance expert with a career that spans over two decades. He previously worked as a Trader and Structurer in several asset classes at Merrill Lynch, and as a Mortgage Derivatives Trader at Deutsche Bank. Most recently, he served as Vice President in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs & Co, focusing on New Business Development. Edward is now a strategic blockchain and cryptocurrency adviser and investor. His advisory focus is on business strategy, the augmentation of traditional capital raising methods via asset tokenization, digital coin economics and regulatory acceptance of emerging technologies. He will be joining the board as a strategic adviser effective August 15th, 2018
Peter Kavounas photo
Peter Kavounas
Mr. Kavounas is CEO and President of Cloud Strategix, LLC, based in Washington, DC, where he is a barred attorney. An attorney with 13 years of experience in financial services, blockchain, and technology regulation, Mr. Kavounas works with cloud computing, FinTech, and clearing companies, as well as with federal and state agencies, and Congress to explain and develop appropriate governmental regulations, define associated risks, and design compliance procedures. Having worked for two federal banking agencies, an AmLaw Top 25 Law Firm, and three startups, he uses his regulatory background to advise entities as to governance, regulatory risk, and corporate compliance. Mr. Kavounas works with blockchain technologies on regulatory frameworks.
Werner Leermakers photo
Werner Leermakers
Werner is an all-round, hands-on consultant with more than 18 years' experience in corporate finance and transaction management. Starting in 2000 at Ernst & Young, he has experienced all aspects of business transactions: buying, selling, (re)financing and valuation. His clients range from medium-sized family companies and private equity firms to entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities.
Marc Brouwers photo
Marc Brouwers
Marc has more than 20 years' experience in M&A dealmaking and corporate finance. His experience includes Dutch and international sell side and buy side transactions, mergers, joint ventures, MBO and MBI transactions, financing, restructuring, business reviews and valuations. In 2017, Marc joined LVH Corporate Finance. Before that, he worked with American Appraisal / Duff & Phelps (2012-2017), Ernst & Young (2000-2012) and as a business owner of a consultancy agency (1994-1999).
Hartej Sawhney photo
Hartej Sawhney
Co-Founder and President at Hosho.oi. Hartej is a leader in the Fintech and Blockchain industry for 5+ years, and an advisor to Pink Sky Capital,, and
Nikolai Kabatchikov photo
Nikolai Kabatchikov
Ex-Google recruiting master with 10 years of experience in hiring top talent. Nikolai is proficient at helping to expand Startups with the best people in the industry.
Kaarel Kotkas photo
Kaarel Kotkas
Kaarel is the Founder and CEO of Veriff. Veriff is Stripe for online identity verification, they allowany website and mobile application to verify drivers license, passport and government issued ID.With Veriff, Kaarel has created the new standard in the online identity verification sector.

LEXIT Token Distribution

  • Market80,000,000 LXT50.00%
  • Company reserve47,200,000 LXT29.50%
  • Team16,000,000 LXT10.00%
  • Advisors7,200,000 LXT4.50%
  • Partners6,400,000 LXT4.00%
  • Airdrop and bounties3,200,000 LXT2.00%