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KIBIS is an innovative kiosk supplier

KIBIS is a secure, fast and efficient option for people to easily access financial services whenever and wherever they want. Our multi-faceted project incorporates self-service kiosks, blockchain architecture, advertising revenue streams and cryptocurrency mining. KIBIS coin will decentralize market transactions, order book matching execution and high throughput payments with our e-Wallet payment network.

  • Category Payments
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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Start Date
December 10th 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
February 8th 2019 12:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
Republic of Korea
United States
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Merdan Gurbanov photo
Merdan Gurbanov
With over 6 years of experience in Payment Services, Finance and E-Money. Blockchain and Crypto-Mining Enthusiast.
Vitaliy Snagovskiy photo
Vitaliy Snagovskiy
With a experience in self-service kiosk business, e-wallets, mobile payments.
Raisa Amineva photo
Raisa Amineva
Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager With over 8 years experience in developing a business development structure and strategy in the Middle East markets, which can respond dynamically to the pressures and complexities of increased market competition, and to the increasing demands of customers for quality, service, and price
Esen Asymbekov photo
Esen Asymbekov
Business Development Manager
Leading a team of other business development managers, Assessing team performance when it comes to growing the business through client acquisition and sales, Maintaining relationships with staff and keeping up-to-date on their work progress, Reporting on the most productive sales professionals, Writing reports and analyzing relevant business data
Sharon Alindato photo
Sharon Alindato
HR Manager
Human Resource Manager at KIBIS Develop programs to enhance employee relations and offer employee support to each staff member. Ensure that the new hire orientation process properly introduces new employees to the corporate culture. Deliver compensation and benefit comparison reports to the executive team each month and make recommendations to improve the company’s current offerings.
Michael Salisi photo
Michael Salisi
Chief Accountant
Chief Accountant at KIBIS Assisting in the development and implementation of goals, policies, priorities, and procedures relating to financial management, budget, accounting, and/or payroll. Supervising and participating in the preparation of financial statements and reports.
Sidney Saldana photo
Sidney Saldana
Cash Operation Manager
Cash Operation Manager at KIBIS Responsible for the daily operations and processes for accounts receivable and cash application.
Denis Edano photo
Denis Edano
Cash Operation Manager
Cash Operation Manager at KIBIS Responsible for the daily operations and processes for accounts receivable and cash application, ensuring the timely and accurate completion of all department requirements.
Imad Uddin Danish photo
Imad Uddin Danish
Head of Customer Service Department
Head of Customer Service at KIBIS Helping to build good customer relations, Recruiting staff and doing appraisals, Arranging staff meetings, Handling complaints and queries from customers.
Dante Castellano photo
Dante Castellano
Computer System and Network Engineer
Computer System and Network Engineer Installing, monitoring, maintenance, support, optimization and documentation of all network hardware, software, and communication links. Administer systems and servers related to the network for the purpose of ensuring the availability of services to users.
Roderick Rosales photo
Roderick Rosales
Electronics and Communications Engineer
Electronics and Communications Engineer at KIBIS Providing technical support to the top-up machines and interactive kiosks users, Assemble terminals, install and configure software
Ryan Garcia photo
Ryan Garcia
Computer System and Network Engineer
Computer System and Network Engineer at KIBIS Working as Field Engineer providing technical support on touchscreen Self-Service Kiosks deployed on different locations in the U.A.E. Assigned as the team leader with the responsibility of providing training & supervising new Field Engineers. Providing support through the phone for customers & agents complaints on the Self-Service Kiosks. Coordinating Self-Service Kiosks software problems to our head IT Developer and help resolve IT issues.
Mark Ira Carandang photo
Mark Ira Carandang
Software Developer
Software Developer at KIBIS With experience in Payment Processing Software, E Payments, and Mobile Wallets.
Louie Mar Gomez photo
Louie Mar Gomez
IT Support Engineer
IT Support Engineer Diagnosing system hardware, software and operation problems and implement corrective action. Analysis and maintaining of computers, instrumentations, banknote processing systems, and their operations hardware systems and their components. Providing field service, troubleshooting and installing computerized equipment in a self-directed, high-paced environment.
Farooq Butt photo
Farooq Butt
IT Support Engineer
IT Support Engineer Resolve hardware/software issues (including remote control) Administer and maintain the network of top-up machines and interactive kiosks Monitor state of installed terminals and go to locations if needed to troubleshoot, replace or repair terminals
Nikko Solis photo
Nikko Solis
IT Support Engineer
IT Support Engineer with over 4 years experience in Payment Processing Software, Billing Software, and E-Wallets
Dovlet Ovlyakuliev photo
Dovlet Ovlyakuliev
Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager at KIBIS Establishing marketing goals to ensure the profitability of services. Developing and executing both short and long-term marketing plans to ensure the growth and profitability of a project. Planning and overseeing the production of print, electronic and direct mail advertising for the company. Working with creatives in copywriting, design and layout to produce branded marketing materials.
Tom Sander photo
Tom Sander
Global IP Network | Blockchain | Advisor | ICO Marketing
Oliver Davis photo
Oliver Davis
Technical Writer
Head Of Sales & Partnerships at Krypton Global Networks & Co-founder of Mass Industrial Miner
Akhil Nandipati photo
Akhil Nandipati
Blockchain Developer
Full Stack Developer / Blockchain Developer