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KamaGames: the largest European social mobile poker operator

The KamaGames Token has the functionality of a standard utility token and can only be exchanged for in-game virtual currency (chips) at any time using an official KamaGames player account. Players will then use their account to redeem the free chips awarded daily along with any other discounts, bonuses or services that we will make available exclusively to our token holders in the future.

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  • Jurisdiction Ireland
Start Date
September 24th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
November 12th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Viet Nam
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Andrey Kuznetsov photo
Andrey Kuznetsov
Chief Executive Officer
Kuznetsov has served as Managing Director for KamaGames for the past 5 years and as acting CEO for the past two years. Prior to his appointment as Managing Director, he had served as the Deputy CEO for Finance & Economics, where he oversaw the company’s implementation of the Oracle ERP and Business Intelligence systems. Moreover, he played the major role in transition of the company’s head office from Cyprus to Dublin, personally establishing and developing the local office. Before joining KamaGames, Kuznetsov gained a wealth of experience in M&A, Investments, and new business startups through co-founding a number of companies including E-Menu, Kvatron, First Digital and Biznesforsale, a marketplace exchange for buyers and sellers of small businesses where he had served as Chairman of the Board. Prior to this, he enjoyed a tenure at Core Carbon Group ApS (a joint venture of Merrill Lynch & Millennium Partners) as Project Manager.
Roman Abramenko photo
Roman Abramenko
General Counsel
Abramenko has worked extensively in the planning of international corporate structures and has internationally recognized qualifications in Tax Law, IT Law and Business. A graduate of Georgetown, with an EMBA from NYU Stern, Abramenko holds a Master’s degree in Computer & Communications Law from the Queen Mary University of London, and a Master’s degree with Distinction in Laws and Taxation. Abramenko became a member of the New York Bar in 2012.
Sam Forrest photo
Sam Forrest
Director of Global Communications & Content
Forrest is a highly proficient PR and Communications veteran with over 25 years of experience in the interactive entertainment sector. Throughout his career, he has worked with a wide number of well-known global entertainment brands including Disney/Pixar, WWE, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Hasbro and Marvel. Specializing in all areas of content creation, social media, video production, video marketing, merchandise & events, Forrest has a proven track record of building and managing UK, European and Global teams as well as overseeing far reaching B2B & B2C communications strategies.
David Cantwell photo
David Cantwell
Marketing Executive
A professional videographer and videogame enthusiast, David has over 10 years’ experience in various high-level video/multimedia roles. David has worked for some of the leading brands in both the gaming and television industries including Intel, RTE, Tyrone Productions and TV3 (aka Virgin One). He has spent the last 5 years in leadership roles and has experience directing talent and crew members alike. Additionally, David graduated from DCU in 2012 with a Masters Degree in Multimedia [MSc].
Ionuţ Chepeneag photo
Ionuţ Chepeneag
Social Media Manager
Ionuţ has been working in the videogame industry for thirteen years, seven of which have been in leadership roles. His experience includes social media management, community management and publishing. Prior to working for KamaGames, Ionut has worked for Riot Games as their Emerging Markets Lead and later their EU Publishing Lead. Elsewhere, he has organised, presented and refereed major e-sports tournaments; worked as a Country Manager for ESL - Turtle Entertainment and as a Community Manager for Geewa.
Stephen Jacob photo
Stephen Jacob
VIP Player Support
The newest member of the KamaGames family, Stephen has been with KamaGames since March 2018. He primarily acts as a Customer Service Specialist, assisting our extensive user base on day-to-day queries. Over the years, Stephen has accumulated vast customer service experience while working for the likes of Apple, Citibank, Hewlett-Packard and eBay.
Tamas Becsak photo
Tamas Becsak
Project Accountant
For many years, Tamas has managed the accounting work in almost all the subfields of the financial activities of a multinational company (GL, AP, AR, INV, PO and FA). He has participated in financial planning, estimating and analysing, and he has created and developed accounting policies and chart of accounts. As an experienced senior accountant in a multinational environment, Tamas participated in several implementations of new ERP systems (Oracle, SAP), and in the role of the site leader managed the transition between them and took part in the change management. As a senior accountant, Tamas has frequently been the first contact between the auditors and tax authorities and I successfully managed several financial and tax audits.
Anton Butyrskikh photo
Anton Butyrskikh
Financial Manager
Anton is responsible for the accurate collecting and collating of KamaGames’ financial assets, and for properly logging and registering KamaGames’ token sales results. He has crafted a plan to help to make the process of buying KGT tokens as simple as possible for the end user and, at the same time, ensuring the token sale process adheres to all international accounting rules, laws and requirements.


KamaGames Token Sale Token Distribution

  • Total amount of KGT for distribution31,250,000 KGT100.00%
  • Total amount of KGT for sale25,000,000 KGT80.00%
  • Total amount of bonus KGT for distribution6,000,000 KGT19.20%
  • Total amount of KGT for bounty distribution250,000 KGT


  • Q2 2010

    ● Launch of the "Pokerist Texas Poker" game

  • Q2 2013

    ● Launch of the "Roulettist" ​game

  • Q2 2015

    ● Launch of the "Blackjackist​" game

  • Q2 2016

    ● Launch of the "3D Blackjackist​" game

  • Q2 2017

    ● Launch of the "Omaha​ Poker" game

  • Q3 2017

    ● The "Pokerist" game officially launched on Europe’s leading social platform -

  • Q4 2017

    ● New poker Party Modes launched: 3 Card Party​, Swap Party​, U-Turn Party ​and Hearts Party

  • Q1 2018

    ● New "Slots" game launched into the "Pokerist" platform

  • Q2 2018

    ● The launch of new "Split Bet Poker" game

  • Q3 2018

    ● The launch of our new "Craps"​ game

  • Q4 2018

    ● New products and potential platforms to launch


Why is your company going to succeed?

It is more of a case of continuing to succeed as we are an established and successful company already rather than a start up, neither are we are an ICO looking for any type of investment.

As a company we have enjoyed tremendous growth in particular over the last 9 quarters. In the first half of 2018 alone we have seen our number of daily active users increasing 2-fold compared to H1 2017 and our gross revenue growing by 53% in the same period too.
When looking at the rest of 2018, we can see our user-acquisition and revenue figures continuing to grow at the same pace (if not faster), this will be attributed in part to the new games and products we have yet to announced and the launch of Pokerist onto several exciting new platforms.

When looking at our growth and success over the years in more detail, there are 4 clear specifics that we have achieved that make us stand out in densely populated industry.

Point 1 - We work hard to ensure that our games are the best they can possibly be. Combining innovation, industry trends and most importantly, player feedback, we are proud to have an industry leading portfolio of games, boasting unique gameplay mechanics, graphics, and a level of product innovation unequaled by our rivals. We also have a strong product roadmap containing a number of game launches, portfolio wide updates and also launches on to a number of new platforms which will drive further growth in both players numbers and revenue.

Point 2 - We are in a very strong position within an incredibly lucrative industry. As a company, we have two main competitors in the Social Casino business, Zynga and WSOP, however, we are the largest European social mobile poker operator and there is no other company that is close to catching up with us.

Point 3 - We have an excellent, highly professional team that we have spent several years painstakingly recruiting. We have hired experts in their field from all over the world creating a truly international company, all of which work well together and have a proven track record of achieving excellent results.

Point 4 - We have a highly effective user-acquisition strategy. We have a huge player base of over 100 million players which is growing at a rate of over 2 million users per month. Such outstanding growth is achieved through a strong social media and marketing presence, constant updates as well as new, free material too.

Specifically for our KGT sale, we have strategically increased our communications in several areas, including Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk and Medium and subsequently broadening who we talk to to include members of the crypto press and relevant blockchain and crypto technology communities.

Lastly, we have also leveraged our key partnerships in other industries and territories including TV, Twitch, and a via a number of established operators in China, India, Eastern Europe and beyond.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The KamaGames Executive team has been assembled incrementally since its inception in 2010. KamaGames has offices in London, and Dubai each with their various functions however the key management team, including the marketing department looking after the KGT sale, work out of the company’s HQ in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and therefore all met there.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Risk 1 - Any changes in legislation for social casino games in certain regions and countries can always be a risk for any company in the social casino industry.

Risk 2 - A diminished growth in the gaming market is always a risk and can impacted by a number of things such as new technologies, player habits and trends etc. Unfortunately, even a globally successful operator such as KamaGames is not 100% immune to sharp changes in consumer behaviour.

Risk 3 - Stand risks of working with blockchain including technical and technological risks. That being said, KamaGames Tokens represent only a tiny portion of our main business.

Risk 4 - When any established company tries something new and innovative there is always a risk of a level of incompatibility with our marketing methods and this new crypto landscape we have entered. However, again these risks will not impact our main business as a highly successful Social Casino mobile app developer and publisher.