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First truly easy way to buy, sell, & manage ALL major crypto

Javvy integrates its crypto exchange aggregator into the powerful and comprehensive Javvy wallet solution, providing much faster, simplified registration and ID verification; eliminating the current need for multiple wallets and exchanges.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Cayman Islands
Start Date
December 1st 2018
End Date
February 28th 2019 22:30 UTC
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Brandon Elliott photo
Brandon Elliott
CEO, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Elliott has a penchant for learning and gaining expertise, knowledge, and depth of experience across numerous technical areas. His skills were earned from 20+ years in the IT field, attaining a plethora of certifications across several domains, while consulting to small businesses, global corporate clients, financial institutions, and Banker's Banks on network infrastructure, network security, and business optimization.
Frank Grogan photo
Frank Grogan
Mr. Grogan has a wide range of security, risk assessment, and networking experience, which is often consulted on matters that require critical feedback, keen observation, and attention to detail. He has worked in IT for over 19 years, 11 of which has been in information security in the healthcare vertical (HIPAA compliance), securing applications and networks by drafting appropriate policies, and in many cases, implementing the solution from a technical standpoint as well. However, Mr. Grogan has a great understanding of Javvy's unique value proposition and possesses such an energy and eagerness to share Javvy's solution with others, that his role will be focused on spreading the word and communicating with the public, as a product evangelist. His excitement for the Javvy project is infectious!
Danielle Honeyman photo
Danielle Honeyman
Business Development
Assisting cryptocurrencies to improve the outcome of their ICOs by integrating into the Javvy wallet. Our wallet allows individuals to contribute with a single click. Ask me how it works!



Javvy Token Distribution

  • Loyalty Rewards Tokens (trans-mining)150,000,000 JVY45.00%
  • Offered in ICO100,000,000 JVY30.00%
  • Operational Use (process buy/sell orders in Javvy wallet)25,000,000 JVY10.00%
  • Founding partners12,500,000 JVY5.00%
  • Attract/Retain Top Talen (post-ICO)12,500,000 JVY5.00%
  • Key people, advisors, and influencers12,500,000 JVY5.00%


  • Apr 2018

    Wallet Prototype Released (Windows only)

  • Jul 2018

    Official Wallet Launch (Windows, iOS, & Android)

  • Nov 2018

    Pre-sale (pre-ICO)

  • Dec 2018

    Public ICO Launch

  • Q1 2019

    Add Buy & Sell support (FIAT<->Crypto)


Why is your company going to succeed?

Our team has the vision and the expertise to identify the real issues preventing mass adoption of cryptocurrency AND deliver a truly easy solution to buy, sell, and manage all major cryptocurrencies within a single, secure application.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Many of the core members have worked together on prior consulting projects, as well as co-founders of prior, successful ventures. Others were found through trusted referrals and word-of-mouth over the past decade.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

1. Cryptocurrency, in its entirety, fails.
2. Regulations by world governments outlaw cryptocurrency and token trading.
3. Javvy fails to raise the minimum 2,500 ETH that is required to bring the fully functional application to market.