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Jarvis Exchange is a licensed hybrid exchange providing fiat, crypto, stocks, & Forex trading from a single wallet. Jarvis makes it easy for users to manage their funds and assets in a centralized or decentralized way. 20% to 25% of the ecosystem revenues are distributed to The Jarvis Reward Token (JRT) holders. The token is distributed to TGE participants, influencers, partners, users, and developers who contribute the most to the ecosystem and blockchain community.

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Start Date
November 26th 2018 15:00 UTC
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End Date
December 23rd 2018 15:00 UTC
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Start Date
March 1st 2019 15:00 UTC
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March 21st 2019 15:00 UTC
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Pascal Tallarida photo
Pascal Tallarida
Founder & CEO
Pascal is an entrepreneur and Senior Forex trader with more than 11 years experience. He founded a prop trading firm and one of the leading trading schools and trading communities in France called DMTrading. DMTrading is followed by 18k+ French traders. Pascal is a renowned lecturer and is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities throughout Europe. Actively involved and greatly respected in the French trading community, his trading followers have been the first testers of Jarvis. By closely working with thousands of retail traders for years, he acquired an in-depth knowledge about what traders want, how they think, and what leads them to choose a trading platform or trading service. This has helped him to understand their needs in terms of features and user experience. He is an active trader of, and educator on cryptocurrencies. He has led his team of traders to try most of the existing exchanges and trading platforms
Cyril Tabet photo
Cyril Tabet
Cyril graduated from York University, Toronto, Canada in 1999. He is an award winning Telecom and Financial Services executive who held C-Level positions launching and driving the expansion of multiple telecom and financial firms including ActiVia, Alpari, Interbank FX and JFD ranking them into top 10 worldwide listings. His latest success was to position JFD among the world's largest MT4 brokers in less than 5 years, leveraging from his strategic vision and in-depth knowledge of the Fintech industry. Passionate about tech and business transformations, Cyril most recently co-founded, seeded and/or supported the deployment of multiple innovative ventures predominantly focusing on Blockchain, Financial Services, Data, AI and CSR solutions.
Andrew Anderson photo
Andrew Anderson
Founder & CTA
Over the past two decades Andrew has held many senior level positions in top regulated financial institutions located around the world. Andrew brings extensive experience coming from years of helping to oversee operations for entities with more than 250,000 clients in 140 countries with monthly trading volumes reaching $80 Billion. In addition to holding various licenses from regulators on multiple continents, Andrew has also overseen the development and successful delivery of both frontend and backend trading solutions involving various trading and liquidity technologies. Andrew began to be involved with Blockchain in 2010. His interest in and knowledge of the wide range of applications that distributed ledger technologies can deliver has continued to increase from this time.
Emmanuel Grand photo
Emmanuel Grand
UX Designer
Emmanuel is passionate about people and experiences. He spent several years as a diving instructor in Australia, Thailand and Mexico, all the while day trading from all over the world. Emmanuel is perfecting the simple and powerful UX and UI in Jarvis, utilizing his knowledge of what traders need and want. He is passionate about Jarvis and the immense possibilities the project presents for traders.
Stefani Todorova photo
Stefani Todorova
PR Manager
Stefani studied PR and mass communication in Sofia University. One of the first team members at Jarvis, Stefi is developing the PR and marketing of Jarvis, as well as managing the office and administration of the company.
Neno Baynov photo
Neno Baynov
Project Manager
Neno spent over two years managing projects for UBER and has 8 years previous experience leading teams and improving and scaling businesses. Neno is managing and tracking processes in Jarvis to build and develop the best management practices. Since 2017, he has also been a successful crypto investor and Forex trader.
Karina Delcheva photo
Karina Delcheva
Data scientist
With a background in the charity sector and a BScin Social Policy Karina brings a sociological and ethical side to data analysis and practice within Jarvis. She is passionate about machine learning based on human-produced data. In preparation for the fundraising, Karina is using her community and PR skills from the charity sector to work on the community and social media campaign in Jarvis Edge.
Tio Torosyan photo
Tio Torosyan
Tio is an artist, graphic designer, illustrator and art director. He has always been passionate about art and creativity. He has mainly worked in fashion magazines as a creative director, and as a game designer before getting interested by Blockchain technologies. He is the curator of Jarvis visual content.
Alexandre Chervenkov photo
Alexandre Chervenkov
Over the last decade, Alek has challenged himself with various projects, building versatile marketing experience, which naturally led him to develop a strong interest in the crypto domain. Prior to Jarvis he played a key role in several international IT companies relating to construction, web hosting and affiliate marketing networks. He is ecstatic to be working on a cutting-edge Jarvis Edge project.
Vsevolod Potorocha photo
Vsevolod Potorocha
Community Manager
As an aspiring and motivated business student specializing in digital marketing, Vsevolod (Seva) joined Jarvis as a community manager for the Russian sector as well as plays a key part of our Social Media campaign.
Todor Licheff photo
Todor Licheff
UX & UI Designer
With a Bachelor of Engineering Design, Todor is an experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. He is given to Jarvis its branding and visual identity.
Stefan Tonev photo
Stefan Tonev
Stefan graduated in "Cinema and TV" at New Bulgarian University in Sofia. He has worked as a cinematographer for several Photography studios. He has done various projects as aftermovies, corporate and backstage videos. Through his lens, Stefan is recording the unique development of Jarvis.


Ivan Zhelyazkov photo
Ivan Zhelyazkov
Software Developer
Ivan is an ambitious coffee-driven software developer with 4 years of C and C++ programming experience. Ivan is interested in blockchain technologies which led him to learn Solidity and write smart contracts.
Eric Lazovic photo
Eric Lazovic
Business developer
Eric is an experienced business operations manager with top International Commodity Trading companies. While overseeing operations in multiple countries in three continents Eric developed extensive skill in financial controls and risks assessment. Eric has helped oversee the development of new markets for leading global companies such as the Interfood Group with a total value of exchange products averaging an annual turnover of over € 1.6 billion. Eric is passionate about Fintech innovations, and the way they are combining with the fast evolving blockchain technologies to create new innovative financial solutions. Eric is good at building teams and helping connect people and technologies to create new synergies. Eric brings with him an amazing network of people who are also looking to establish solid and long term partnerships with major actors in the financial services industry.
Severiano Martin photo
Severiano Martin
Business Developer
Severiano is a business developer and community manager of Jarvis Exchange's community in Spain.
Petar Kirov photo
Petar Kirov
Lead Developer
Petar started as a developer support officer at Telerik where he helped customers build .NET apps. Later on he decided to follow his passion for system programming by joining a core C++ platform team at VMware. Petar has also been contributing to the D programming language and is passionate about open-source leading him to want to contribute to the Blockchain ecosystem. Petar leads all software matters at Jarvis, from design and implementation to DevOps.