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Iris is a digital healthcare ecosystem, built using blockchain technology. The Iris Electronic Healthcare Record (or "Iris EHR") gives you back control of your healthcare data and lets you decide who, when and where your data is being accessed.

  • Category Drugs & Healthcare
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
Start Date
July 1st 2018 01:00 UTC
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End Date
July 31st 2018 01:00 UTC
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Justin Fulcher photo
Justin Fulcher
CEO & Chairman
Venture backed technology entrepreneur for over 10 years. Founder of Asia's fastest growing digital healthcare platform. Justin is an outspoken thought leader on the transformative impact of technology in healthcare.
Jae Lee photo
Jae Lee
VP Engineering
Technical entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in software engineering and technical leadership. Lead the creative technology initiative for global agencies such as Cheil Worldwide (Samsung) and Yello Digital Marketing Group. Prior, founded series of data-driven startups one of which was recognized by WeWork Labs as the top 6 most innovative startups in the United States.
Zach Mahon photo
Zach Mahon
Business Development
Zach is the young gun amongst us, but that doesn't mean he's lacking any firepower. He has worked as a business analyst in various industries including finance, education, and digital healthcare. Currently, he’s focused on creating and promoting educational content regarding the role of technology in healthcare. Zach recently graduated from the inaugural class of Yale-NUS College and received his bachelor’s degree with honours in Environmental Studies.
Tim Bogle photo
Tim Bogle
General Counsel
10 years experience practicing in leading global firms focusing on Fintech, Banking, Corporate Finance and Regulation. General counsel of multiple early stage, high growth technology companies. Significant experience deploying innovative FinTech and Medtech products in developing markets.
Logan Schauer photo
Logan Schauer
Logan is the founder and CEO of Crypto Media Group, a cutting-edge marketing firm providing blockchain visionaries with access to expert marketing campaigns. We're excited to have him dedicated to the development of IRIS. Throughout his career, he has managed digital media networks and provided enterprise-level solutions for large-scale organisations.


IRIS Token Token Distribution

  • Sale to the community and for allocation to token miners.1,200,000,000 IRIS60.00%
  • Ecosystem Reserve600,000,000 IRIS30.00%
  • Founders and early employees200,000,000 IRIS10.00%


  • Feb 2018

    Web application launched

  • Apr 2018

    2,500+ Unique health records stored with IRIS

  • Apr 2018

    Pre-Sale Opens

  • May 2018

    Pre-Sale Ends

  • Jun 2018

    Apple Health kit integration

  • Jun 2018

    Apple Watch integration

  • Jun 2018

    10,000+ unique health records stored with IRIS

  • Jul 2018

    Iris Web application V2 Launch

  • Jul 2018

    IRIS Mobile Application Launch

  • Jul 2018

    IRIS Public Sale Launch