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IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform, which allows players to earn real (fiat) money on their achievements.

  • Category Gaming & VR
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Estonia
Start Date
January 8th 2018 09:00 UTC
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End Date
March 13th 2018 09:00 UTC
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Vadim Dovguchits photo
Vadim Dovguchits
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Business Analyst, Blockchain Enthusiast, MBA. Supervisor of startup projects, expert in trademark rights (IT sphere). Has many years’ experience in the creation of IT-projects monetization strategies, development and sale of mobile apps and games (the total value of trade inside the network exceeds $1M).
Igor Podlesny photo
Igor Podlesny
CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)
18+ years in IT & T, financial services, launch and promotion of new products and services experience. Master’s degree in ’Computer Science’, Bachelor in ’Computing systems and networks’. Founder and owner of companies in different spheres such as: hosting and virtual servers (Latvia); fixed-line telecom carrier (Latvia); provision of worldwide roaming mobile services (Estonia); financial services consulting (Latvia); Android OS mobile platform for confidential communications (United Kingdom).
Pavel Kazimirenko photo
Pavel Kazimirenko
CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
10+ years IT experience. C ++ developer, Founder & managing director at BESK Complex Solutions (a group of companies having more than 100 employees in 4 countries). Customers: Bloomberg, ORION, Hyundai, Microsoft, Ulmart. 500+ realized projects, 10+ successful start-ups, mobile apps OS dev expert.
Samoilo Alexander photo
Samoilo Alexander
Financial Consultant
Financial advisor, a subject of Swedish Kingdom, with the right to counsel the management of banks and other financial institutions. Financial director of the institutional investment company ‘ABA Marketing’. Since 2002 is a Forex expert. Author of the book ‘Complexity in simple words. Real advice on how to achieve financial independence’.
Alexander Pavlov photo
Alexander Pavlov
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
9+ years IT experience. CEO & founder of ‘Webinsight’ LLC. It is among TOP-10 companies of web developers, rated by the RU-part of the Internet. Clients: Regula Ltd., SOLAR Laser Systems, Lumenix Fabrika.