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iOlite is an open-source, blockchain and machine learning platform, that allows anyone to write smart contracts, using any language, natural or programming.

  • Category Infrastructure
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Estonia
Start Date
March 20th 2018 14:00 UTC
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End Date
May 1st 2018 14:00 UTC
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Alfred Shaffir photo
Alfred Shaffir
Founded and managed three startups: Seanternet, an infrastructure for Internet at sea, Polycoin, a cryptocurrency-blockchain processing platform, and Folloyu, a web mobile technology. Has led global teams at Intel and Cadence Design Systems. Holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.
Dmitry Kuzminov photo
Dmitry Kuzminov
Co-Founder, CTO
An outstanding leader with a consistent record of delivery within challenging situations and competitive environments. More than 20 years experience in software development, design && architecture and business strategy. Addicted to Reverse Engineering, Metasploit, VPN, SSL, HW accelerated miners, Blockchain, BOT, GPU, DSP, OpenCL, OpenCV, OpenGL, Virtual Machines, Grid computing.
Vladyslav Makarian photo
Vladyslav Makarian
Core Developer, Researcher
Linux ninja, deep knowledge of Human-Machine Interfaces, Embedded development, RC models, RFID, IoT, protocols for constrained nodes and networks. Blockchain, cryptography and decentralization enthusiast. On top of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain development.
Hosam Mazawi photo
Hosam Mazawi
Marketing, Crypto-Business
Hosam is a highly experienced professional in global and regional market development within Fintech and IT industries. He is crypto-enthusiast, specialized in Marketing and Business strategies for blockchain-related projects.
Richard Sanders photo
Richard Sanders
Marketing Operations Manager
Rich is a US Army combat veteran with highly varied work experience, including Google and small business ownership. Rich holds a Harvard certificate and high amounts of liqueur purchased for him at events with people more important than him.

iOlite Token Distribution

  • Total tokens on sale650,000,000 iLT100.00%
  • Public sale Round 1, 12-Apr - 18-Apr162,500,000 iLT25.00%
  • Public sale Round 2, 18-Apr - 25-Apr162,500,000 iLT25.00%
  • Pubic Presale, 20-Mar - 10-Apr130,000,000 iLT20.00%
  • Public sale Round 3, 25-Apr - May 1st130,000,000 iLT20.00%
  • Private sale Round 1 **Sold out **32,500,000 iLT5.00%
  • Private sale Round 232,500,000 iLT5.00%