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The World’s Most Innovative Invoice Lending Platform - Connecting Sellers, Buyers and Investors on the Blockchain.

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March 15th 2018
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March 24th 2018
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Adam Mezhvinsky photo
Adam Mezhvinsky
Co Founder
Adam Mezhvinsky B. Fin. LLB (Hons.) is a graduate of a Bachelor of Finance and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Adelaide. As a New Colombo Plan Scholar, Adam has studied in Indonesia (Microfinance) and Japan (Business Culture). Adam has had experience working as an Analyst at the Commonwealth Government, Managing Partner of Quintessential eSports, a Data Analyst at ABR Finance and Law Clerk at Adco Legal as well as a Marketing Manager at WBH Legal and Smatcollect(SA).
Victoria Mezhvinsky photo
Victoria Mezhvinsky
Legal Counsel
I am a commercial lawyer and a strategic business connector, facilitating business opportunities between my clients. I read before breakfast for inspiration. Proactive Law is my game: Prevention is better than a cure. I aim to inspire confidence in clients who are required to endure complex/difficult circumstances or who wish to boldly take advantage of their opportunities.
Alex Mezhvinsky - Co-founder photo
Alex Mezhvinsky - Co-founder
Co Founder
Alex is also the Managing Director of ABR Finance Pty Ltd. He leads a dedicated team of professionals committed to assisting Australian small to medium-sized businesses with their cash flow and working capital requirements. Alex is a qualified lawyer with extensive experience in banking, corporate finance and insolvency law. Alex also has extensive engineering and commercial background in business in Australia and overseas.
Daniel Tang photo
Daniel Tang
A management consultant with a passion for fintech and blockchain technology.
Lucas Cullen photo
Lucas Cullen
Lead Developer (Solidity)
Mostly I am inspired by the pure logic of programming, and having deterministic answers to questions. This is pretty much how I think and view the world today.