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Welcome To A New Internet. Distributed Files, Apps and Websites in a more Secure, Private and Efficient Cloud. Join the ICO of the Year on September 7th.

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Start Date
September 7th 2017 19:00 UTC
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End Date
September 28th 2017 19:00 UTC
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Internxt ICO Details

1 ETH = 300 INXT

Minimum Target: 500 ETH
Maximum Cap: 150,000 ETH

Maximum tokens sold during ICO: 45,000,000 INXT
Maximum tokens generated: 49,145,000 INXT (not including bonus tokens, which are variable)

Internxt is a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) cloud computing network that allows users from all over the globe to cooperate in the creation of a decentralized internet. Users can sell the resources of their machines to those looking to host their data in a more private, secure and efficient way. Internxt's cloud platform will not only offer a superior technology to the one of traditional cloud services, but it will also strive to be competitive in terms of price and user experience. Internxt strives to make an intuitive technology that's as user friendly as the one from already existing top-tier services. Internxt wants to make sure this new internet is accessible by everyone, regardless of their knowledge, a great focus will be put on providing a seamless transition from traditional services to Internxt, without compromising on features. Distributed Files, Apps and Websites that make sense. Are you ready?