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Ink Protocol Token (XNK)

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Ink Protocol is a decentralized reputation and payment system for peer-to-peer marketplaces. Ink Protocol helps users safely send and receive payments in P2P marketplaces while earning public reputation for every completed transaction.

  • Category Identity & Reputation
  • Project Type Token
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
  • Bitcoin TalkOpenOpen Bitcoin Talk
  • Jurisdiction United States
Start Date
January 22nd 2018 20:00 UTC
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End Date
February 28th 2018 20:00 UTC
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Ink Protocol Token Token Distribution

  • Distribution and Network Incentives160,000,000 XNK32.00%
  • Listia Inc.160,000,000 XNK32.00%
  • Token Sale150,000,000 XNK30.00%
  • Listia Users30,000,000 XNK6.00%