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IDM service provides a decentralised distributed cloud data storage system where security against both loss and theft of data provided by unique algorithm SIZE. To procure the distributed data storage, the service will rent a free memory from miners for a reward. Administration of the service will be managed by blockchain technology.

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  • Jurisdiction Switzerland
Start Date
June 4th 2018
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End Date
October 4th 2018
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United States
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Tony Dremluga photo
Tony Dremluga
Chief Strategy Officer
Zug, Switzerland. Head of Development Department "Equivalence" AG
Iskender  Syrgabekov photo
Iskender Syrgabekov
Inventor of the algorithm
Cambridge, UK. Former student of Zhores Alferov, the Nobel Prize winner
Erkin  Zadauly photo
Erkin Zadauly
Inventor of the algorithm
Zug, Switzerland. Formerly a researcher at the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences
Drs. Daan  Elffers photo
Drs. Daan Elffers
Chief Strategy Officer
CEO EMG Group BV., consulting company, authorized supplier for the United Nations. Expert in sustainability
Robert Davis photo
Robert Davis
Process Control Systems Engineer
Highly experienced Project Manager and Software Application Architect with a record of developing and supporting successful projects and solutions incorporating a wide range of applications and technologies. Adept at successfully driving new business start-ups and consistently improves organizational effectiveness and efficiency in existing businesses. A results-oriented and driven Manager fluent in over a dozen programming languages. Possesses a history of success in project management, data mining research, process engineering, product development engineering, process control automation, and defect metrology. Always prepared to apply rare and valuable range of professional experience and skills to new endeavors.
Andrei Rekhtine photo
Andrei Rekhtine
IT Management Consultant
IT Management Consultant, New Technology (SvetL) consultant. Toronto, Canada Area
John David  Radcliff photo
John David Radcliff
IT Professional
IT professional with 11 years’ experience and enjoy working with different forms of technology.


Naviin Kapoor photo
Naviin Kapoor
Team Leader Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ICO Advisor Blockchain Expert
Victoria  Russell photo
Victoria Russell
A patent attorney at BOULT WADE TENNANT. London, UK
Howard  Sands photo
Howard Sands
BOULT WADE TENNANT. London, UK, Partner. Certified patent attorney, the European patent attorney and the European attorney in the field of design at High Tech and Electrical Group
Amarpreet Singh photo
Amarpreet Singh
Technology/Digital enthusiast and a seasoned professional with years of experience in Tech industry – operations, consulting and innovation. He is a certified Cloud (Microsoft and AWS) specialist. Known for versatility and flexibility. Excellent analytic, strategic, leadership skills and a team player at its best. Specialties: Technology Consulting, Operations, Cloud Computing, Fintech, Innovation, ERP, Machine Learning, Account Management, Partner Development, Business Development and Strategy
Farooq A Rahim photo
Farooq A Rahim
I am an entrepreneur, product designer and a person who loves to work with innovative technologies. At present, I am engaged with multiple startups as Head of Tech, Product Designer, Investor & Advisor. My First interaction with Bitcoin was in 2011 and am also an early adopter of altcoins. In 2017 my interest in cryptocurrency & blockchain technology encouraged me to begin my quest towards building a world-class CryptoCurrency Platform, HeapX with a team of excellent people. HeapX Crypto Labs Limited based out of United Kingdom and its primary focus is to build a highly scalable & secure Crypto Assets Trading Exchange. HeapX roadmap includes developing a Crypto only Payment Gateway, Prime - A Crypto centered portfolio management app focused on institutional funds and building a high throughput blockchain to power HeapX decentralized platform.

IDM Token Distribution

  • ICO6,300,000 IDM60.00%
  • Founders3,465,000 IDM33.00%
  • Developers525,000 IDM5.00%
  • Bounty210,000 IDM2.00%


  • Q1 2010

    The SIZE algorithm was successfully tested on CamGrid network at the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

  • Q1 2012

    Foundation of Equivalence AG

  • Q1 2014

    An ultra-secure file-sharing program based on SIZE technology was introduced at

  • Q1 2015

    The launch of a publicly available version of the BoobookBox for business and private users.

  • Q2 2018

    Technology has been successfully tested in European cybersecurity laboratories.

  • Q2 2018

    ICO for the global decentralized ultra-secure storage service IDM.

  • Q4 2019

    Launch of IDM service . Development of the cloud blockchain platform (SaaS) based on SIZE data protection technology.

  • Q1 2020

    Implementation of a marketing strategy for the promotion of the IDM service and SIZE technology.

  • Q2 2021

    Development of a decentralized and distributed cloud platform (PaaS).


Why is your company going to succeed?

Our algorithm is absolutely unique and will disrupt storage security market.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Members of the team met at thematic exhibitions and conferences, after which they decided to make their unique product.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Unfamiliarity with the brand - IDM has not yet created a brand and image in the market,
whereas services like Amazon and Google.

Negative information on the Internet about the reliability of existing cloud storage