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Investing in the future together

A social trading platform enabling multi asset execution, investment portfolio creation, education and talent discovery.

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  • Jurisdiction Gibraltar
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November 30th 2018 12:00 UTC
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December 7th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Giorgos Lekeas photo
Giorgos Lekeas
Advisor - AI/Adaptive Computing
Advisor - AI/Adaptive Computing
Dimitris Paraskevoulakos photo
Dimitris Paraskevoulakos
Advisor - Investment Protocols
Agile investment professional with the ability to adapt quickly to new demanding environments and perform efficient solutions. Vast experience in polymorphic investment ecosystems and instruments from exchange traded products, tailored structured vehicles, exotic derivatives and hybrids, OTC and NPL banking products. Blockchain and Crypto currency enthusiast and long term researcher in new technological ecosystems like Internet of Things, aiming at deciphering their often encrypted advantages in transforming old procedures, to trust-less, modern defining methods.
Dmytro Lokshyn photo
Dmytro Lokshyn
Advisor - Smart Contracts
Advisor - Smart Contracts
David Kempton photo
David Kempton
Execution & Settlements
A highly motivated Professional with a proven record of achievement spanning over thirty successful years in the Futures and Currency Markets as a Trader, Team Leader, Trainer and Technical Analyst across all major currencies.
Ihor Pidruchny photo
Ihor Pidruchny
Blockchain Architecture
Part of a boutique Blockchain development agency focused on strategic consulting and implementation of Blockchain, smart contracts, ICO, wallets and payment gateways, consumer applications. Helps companies worldwide to optimize their business processes and take maximum advantage of the opportunities opened up by Blockchain technology
Theodore Panagopoulos photo
Theodore Panagopoulos
Media & Public Relations
Immersed in foreign languages and with the power of public speaking and public story telling. Passionate about communication with people, unafraid of the crowds, loves the stage and camera and with a sharp mind and tongue, enhanced with wit, ready, when you are.
Dimitris Petrilis photo
Dimitris Petrilis
Sales & Marketing
A goal driven individual with significant experience in the Financial Services Sector. Fascinated about the transformation the FS industry is undergoing and closely the latest trends. Often a speaker at events around Europe, focusing on digitalization and banking transformation.

iCumulate Token Distribution

  • Investors2,350,000,000 ICU50.00%
  • Founders940,000,000 ICU20.00%
  • Advisers, Future Employee incentives564,000,000 ICU12.00%
  • Token Sale Bonuses529,690,000 ICU11.27%
  • Platform316,310,000 ICU6.73%


Why is your company going to succeed?

iCumulate is an industry changing Social Investment Trading Platform and Ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform combines all of the communication benefits of a social network with a revolutionary trade execution interface.

iCumulate is based in Gibraltar and will be one of the first companies to be fully regulated under the new world leading DLT regulatory framework there.

A working demo is available here and on the website allowing users and token sale participants to try out the functionality of the trading interface.

For the first time, users will be able to compare and invest in crypto assets directly against a FIAT base without the need to involve base crypto currencies, such as ETH or BTC and from one account, rather than having to split their funds and hold several exchange accounts.

With products such as FX and commodities also available on the platform, hybrid combinations such as Ether vs Gold, or Bitcoin vs Oil are now available for the first time. The addition of micro lot trading also makes investing affordable to everyone.

The core of the iCumulate social investment ecosystem is founded on the principle of combining modern social media communication behaviours and investment talent discovery.

Platform users can benefit from the skills and experience of the very top ranked investors by following or copying their portfolios. iCumulate have developed a blockchain based tokenized portfolio system to enable this process to be executed with all parties achieving identical performance for the first time in the industry.

Regular big prize investment competitions, an educational portal and a gateway for external content providers to offer services such as analysis, investment advice and automated trading systems are also included.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The team behind iCumulate have vast experience in the financial markets. This experience covers a wide area of expertise, ranging from multi asset trading, algorithmic modelling, risk modelling, legal and compliance frameworks, proprietary software development, as well as training and education.
More specifically, we have been active in the proprietary and fund management business across all assets classes (global derivatives, stocks and ETFs, spot FX, forwards, OTC products) on numerous exchanges (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, EUREX, LIFFE, LSE, NYSE, LME and several other liquidity venues and providers).
The iCumulate team has multifaceted experience in trading regimes and styles (discretional, algorithmic, pairs, arbitrage, hedging & designated market making).
A list of innovative software products for proprietary use have been developed throughout our careers, including advanced position sizing algorithms, risk protection routines, co-located high frequency models, data cleaning routines and backtesting solutions.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Risks to the business are similar to other businesses in the crypto space, such as changes to regulation in such a fluid industry.
Fortunately, our location (Gibraltar) is a pioneer in the crypto industry due to the position it has taken on welcoming blockchain based businesses to the country. Gibraltar is one of the first countries in the world to put a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) legal and regulatory framework in place and iCumulate will be fully licenced under these regulations.

We have been in the business of dealing with risk for over 20 years so factors that may affect other projects, such as volatility in the price of ETH or BTC, do not affect us as we have the experience and skills to put solid hedging practices in place for any funds we hold allowing us to concentrate on the project build at all times.

Some other projects also view their inability to list on a major exchange to be a risk over time to ensure market stability with their token, but we again don’t see this as a risk in our project due to us having the option of also listing our token on our own platform ensuring any token holders will have access to a good source of liquidity with iCumulate