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Identified Transaction Framework For Blockchain

IAME is building the first truly decentralised cross-blockchain identification system based on its proprietary sharding technology and consensus identification.Powered through individualised Identity DApp, IAME will be the first blockchain identification system that would enable the detection of suspicious activities or the isolation of potentially dangerous users.

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Compliance & Security
Start Date
November 1st 2018 00:01 UTC
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End Date
November 5th 2018 23:59 UTC
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United States
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Nathaniel Tsang Mang Kin photo
Nathaniel Tsang Mang Kin
Nathaniel’s diverse array of skills is what makes him the right person to be at the helm of IAME. With backgrounds in mathematics, law, and investment, Nathaniel has leveraged his skillset to gain significant expertise in the cryptocurrency markets. These interests drove Nathaniel into the blockchain technology realm where his passion for blockchain integration into the regulated space inspired him to develop IAME’s decentralised fragmented identification system to solve an forthcoming problem.
Suryani Chang photo
Suryani Chang
Co-Founder/Back End
The architect for all of IAME’s backend systems, Suryani leads the development of IAME’s proprietary identification processes. Suryani graduated with a Master in Intelligent Systems from the University College London in 2003, 10 years ahead of the curve. Until recently Suryani has been involved as a principal developer for several leading gaming industry companies building gaming engines and payment gateways. The leap into blockchain technology will be the most interesting challenge for Suryani.
Chirag Patel photo
Chirag Patel
Front End
Chirag is lead front end developer for IAME, with significant expertise in mobile application development. Chirag graduated with a master in Computer Science from Queen Mary University London in 2005. Well-versed in both iOS & Android, Chirag has been involved in the development of mobile softwares before the smartphone revolution. Having worked in multiple leading technology firms in London from finance to entertainment, Chirag is the visionary behind everything our users see and touch.
Ludovik Lejeune photo
Ludovik Lejeune
Front End
With skills ranging from web frontend, through backend (java, php, scala,python), to Android and iOS development, Ludovik is the most versatile full stack developer in Mauritius. Amateur chess player and zoologist, his path is unconventional: after graduating from the University of Mauritius with a Bsc in Physics, he transitioned into software engineering. With over 9 years of pure development under his belt, Ludovik maintains a sharp focus on perfecting user interaction for IAME.
Kevin Chung-Fat photo
Kevin Chung-Fat
Back End
A NUS graduate, Kevin holds over 15 yrs experience in JAVA programming, Relational Databases and Agile Development Practices. Having worked at Accenture, Business & Decision, TNT, and Mobi Move; he has had substantial exposure to the full stack experience, front end UI to the server side. At IAME, Kevin is involved in the development and support of our blackbox back end services. Passionate about blockchain, Kevin is the master engineer building the Great Wall that ensures end user security.
Stephen Sunnassee photo
Stephen Sunnassee
UI Designer
Stephen is the youngest member of the team. What he lacks on linkedin, he makes for considerably on Dribbble. Graduating from Eiilm University in Computer Science, he chose the path of a UI designer in order to follow his passion for the graphic arts. His understanding of both UI and the frontend development process ensures that the development and release process at IAME is streamlined and fast tracked. Everything at IAME is created from scratch, and every piece of imagery bears his signature.

IAM Token Token Distribution

  • ICO Investors50,000,000 IAM50.00%
  • Strategic Business Pool20,000,000 IAM20.00%
  • Community Pool10,000,000 IAM10.00%
  • Advisor Pool10,000,000 IAM10.00%
  • Founders Pool10,000,000 IAM10.00%


  • Oct 2017

    Technology Conceptualisation

  • Jan 2018

    Angel Investment

  • Feb 2018


  • Mar 2018

    iOS Proof of Concept

  • Apr 2018

    Road Show