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Free ancestry is a right!

HUYU is a free decentralized ancestry platform powered by blockchain that will allow a user to interact with family and friends globally. HUYU will be ad-free.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • Jurisdiction South Africa
Start Date
April 2nd 2018
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End Date
May 20th 2018 23:00 UTC
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Start Date
June 1st 2018
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End Date
June 30th 2018 23:00 UTC
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Wayne Mann photo
Wayne Mann
Wayne is highly respected in his chosen field of legal practice. Wayne has worked with large financial institutions for most of his working career and, with a focus on governance he is perfectly placed to head up the board.
Rob Ansell photo
Rob Ansell
Director, Co-founder
Rob has Extensive experience in the banking, online gaming and online marketing spheres. Rob brings creativity as well as an in-depth processing knowledge to the team. Rob has been working on the HUYU project for 4 years and can’t wait to start building the HUYU community when the product launches later this year.
Jacques Mouton photo
Jacques Mouton
Director, Co-founder
Jacques brings a wealth of blockchain knowledge to the team. A highly creative individual with the ability to bring his visualizations to life. Jacques has been working on the HUYU project for 4 years and is excited about the big data prospects and how blockchain technology is going to integrate as part of the project.
Jono Steyn photo
Jono Steyn
Jono spends an incredible amount of time in front of the PC, drawing and visualizing the product. With an in-depth programming knowledge and a flair for creation, Jono has been an integral part of the creative team for the last 3½ years.
Courtney de Beer photo
Courtney de Beer
With many years of financial experience, mainly in international freight, Courtney brings a level head, and a wealth of knowledge to the team. Being in an international trade, Courtney has powerful knowledge of global business and multi-currency transactions. Courtney heads up the financial department and constantly has his finger on the pulse.
Mike Lawford photo
Mike Lawford
Project Management
With his background in web business systems, Mike is a passionate leader forging forward with the vision to see the bigger picture. With over 15 years in the field, he has worked over multiple industries from smaller scale systems to global full scale corporate value systems bringing valuable in-field experience. Mike has been an active crypto activist for the past 3 years and loves working out how he can change the world with crypto!
Matt Rudd photo
Matt Rudd
Lead Backend
Matt brings technical systems expertise to the table, he’s been developing and structuring systems for the last 10 years across multiple spheres. Matt dreams architecture and is passionate about data and numbers. Math is his game and he’s great at it.
Rob Lawford photo
Rob Lawford
Lead Frontend
Starting out in London, Rob now specializes in multi-tiered object-oriented application development. He has coded gaming, financial, construction, logistics and social mobile applications, branching across various sectors over the last 10 years. Rob gives life to data, creativity runs through his veins and he is in the sweet spot right between math and interactivity.

HUYUcoin Token Distribution

  • Public ICO Stage 1, 2 & 3600,000,000 HUYU60.00%
  • Reserves100,000,000 HUYU10.00%
  • Shareholders100,000,000 HUYU10.00%
  • Partners50,000,000 HUYU5.00%
  • Egg Bounties50,000,000 HUYU5.00%
  • Staff Incentives50,000,000 HUYU5.00%
  • Pre Sales50,000,000 HUYU5.00%