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We generate clean energy. We own our power plants. We mine crypto. We own our rigs.

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Start Date
May 1st 2018
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May 31st 2018 23:59 UTC
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David Žákovský photo
David Žákovský
Project Manager
David is Project Manager for the H2SOL ICO. He has been running major IT projects for corporations such as ŠKODA Auto, Innogy and HP for several years. Projects included the development of various applications that have proceeded to phenomenal market revenue. He pivoted to Crypto as early as 2015 focusing on DLT and Blockchain mining.
Joseph P. Deignan photo
Joseph P. Deignan
Joe is a serial Entrepreneur Innovator and and Aggregator with a unique Track Record of concurrently developing, financing, constructing and exiting 100MW+ of utility-scale PV projects across multiple geographies. He’s a Founder at EnviroTech and FoodTech Accelerators which have been mentoring and funding successful startups in Central Europe and Hong Kong. He’s also a pioneer of stackable vertical farms. Joe thrives in Financing, Regulatory and Technical theaters.
Ji?í Fiala photo
Ji?í Fiala
Ji?í is one of the leading Czech Enterprise Architects and Emerging Technologies Evangelists with more than 14 years’ experience with development and project management for Fortune 500 companies around the world. With the likes of EDS and HP, Jiri helped to develop more than 160 projects in 21 countries, worth $3bn. Recently Jiri has pivoted from corporate to focus on newer and more interesting projects e.g NakamotoX and Mining Grid being but two.
Tomáš Kaláb photo
Tomáš Kaláb
Tomáš is a conservative combination of Lawyer and CPA practicing as a Tax Attorney since 1995. He established his own practice in 1997 which today represents more than 300 top-performing organizations many of them riding the wave of the Silicon Valley-style IT boom that Brno has enjoyed over the last 5 years. He has an accomplished record as a CFO for large organizations and has been a key part of the Solar Global Team since 2012.
Karolína Kachlíková photo
Karolína Kachlíková
Chief Marketing Officer
Karolina is a unique blend of (a) highly-followed social media professional and (b) Compliance Lawyer. She graduated from Tilburg Law School where she studied International Business Law. She has been active in the compliance law field for several years and as an avid social media user, she keeps the Team ahead of the curve on all things crypto while ensuring our Regulatory Compliance.
Jan Rasocha photo
Jan Rasocha
Chief Acquisition Officer
Jan is a Graduate of Brno’s prestigious VUT where he majored in Hydroelectrics. Since 2007 he has been active in the development and optimization of Hydro Power Plants with some of the world’s most active Hydro Developers. Since 2016 he’s been leading the Solar Global’s diversification into the world of Hydro, scouting new projects, leading Technical Due Diligence and negotiating acquisitions. Jan also has an MBA in Management from a leading UK University so is a valued addition to our strategic powerhouse.
Jan Hladký photo
Jan Hladký
Internal Counsel
Jan is Managing partner at one of the busiest M&A shops in Brno, Czech’s Silicon Valley. He’s been advising us at Solar Global almost since inception and a valued Counsel in contracting and selecting transaction-specific external advisors.
Fabio Melloni photo
Fabio Melloni
IT Lead
Fabio is our lead developer, who previously worked on projects such as Nakamotox, Grid 2.0 (system for monitoring crypto-currency mining farms) and Omnius (web application platform). He has a lot of experience with software development, especially on the .NET platform, front-end development, and knowledge of cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies. His other interests are Linux and open source software.


Vít?zslav Skopal photo
Vít?zslav Skopal
Advisor Energy & Finance
nance Vít?zslav Skopal An Electronic Engineering Graduate of Brno’s prestigious VUT, Vit has been a leading force and serial entrepreneur in the world of Renewable Energy since 2006. He was a Founder of Energy 21, the region’s first Utility Scale Photovoltaic Developer, followed by CE Solar which specialized in key development activities while the sector enjoyed massive growth in Central Europe and ultimately the Solar Global Group which he acquired outright once the market consolidated to focus on Operations and Maintenance, Yield Optimization and Repowering over an Estate of over 100MW installed power while diversifying into Hydro Power to complement the power mix.
Julien Chen photo
Julien Chen
Advisor for HW – Asia
Julien’s been bridging his new home in EMEA with his background in APAC and delivering those resilient hardware relationships which are so important to our projects’ deliverability for two years now. Prior to joining us, he was VP of sales & marketing EMEA at Taiwan’s A-data, then APAC advisor to Czech’s AURA a NATO apps provider among other top procurement roles with a special focus on IoT. Julien was educated in USA & in France and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences.
Ond?ej Valní?ek photo
Ond?ej Valní?ek
Advisor Strategy & Energy
Since 1999 Ondrej has been unstoppably active in M&A and business development. Until the end of 2009 he was a key business development specialist with the KBC bank group, responsible for strategic relations with key bank partners in the corporate and public sectors. In 2009 he co-established the company SOLAR GLOBAL and subsequently its subsidiaries including Solar Global Water. Ond?ej is a graduate of Masaryk University in Brno where he obtained a Master's degree.