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Machine Learning Blockchain Platform

GNY introduces machine learning to pre-existing blockchains, offering smart APIs that bridge to Ethereum, to Asch, to Lisk and any developer working with our universal system. With GNY Centre, GNY brings its own dedicated blockchain that can host side chains, offering a powerful set of tools to launch and host your own project from conception to implementation in the most developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence. Launching as an ERC20 Token.

  • Category Data Analytics
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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Start Date
September 3rd 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
November 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
United States
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richard jarritt photo
richard jarritt
Richard has made a reputation for contributions on multiple open source blockchain projects within the cryptocurrency space. He is a specialist at team building to tackle back-end coding for crypto exchanges, masternode sharing, governance control solutions and network maintenance. He has a passion to bring blockchain accessibility to legacy businesses and focus towards the tech solutions that this technology can bring. Richard has been involved in projects for crypto exchanges, Asch and Lisk. ----- our telegram group contact. Our medium blog: We have produced videos on our team members for transparency. Our offices are located in Jersey, Channel Islands.
cosmas wong photo
cosmas wong
Co founder
Cosmas is a New York City based tech investor and entrepreneur who has been building companies for more than 20 years. He has his roots as a corporate finance and private equity lawyer and has worked with large and small companies around the world. He has a broad background in corporate structures, business strategy and implementation, intellectual property and investments. Cosmas has a keen interest in innovative data driven solutions for businesses, in particular, artificial intelligence and the blockchain. Cosmas is the founder of Grey Jean Technologies; the genesis of the GNY platform, and also of other technology companies with successful exits.
Tom Lorenc photo
Tom Lorenc
Tom is an experienced technology leader and data scientist with a PhD in Computer Science who enjoys architecting and building cutting edge interactive tech including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, mobile, web applications and ecommerce systems. He is an expert in Java, Python, Machine Learning, Node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript and web-based and mobile technologies and understands the business ramifications of accurate, reliable, and efficient programming. Tom has led technology teams of companies that have seen successful exits
Zachary Barnett, photo
Zachary Barnett,
Director Social Impact
Zach is an experienced social entrepreneur with 10+ years’ experience in strategic planning, fund-raising, partnerships, and media campaigns to grow great ideas into transformational products. He excels at finding creative solutions for business development challenges that deliver results, and provide value for all partners. Zach has a passion for communicating and translating complex scientific, and technical information into content that engages other brands, customers, and donors. In 2011, Zach founded the Abzyme Research Foundation as a non-profit organization to advance the creation of an effective and low cost therapeutic HIV vaccine and potential cure for AIDS.
Leo Peili Liang photo
Leo Peili Liang
Head of Blockchain
Leo is a blockchain engineer who has built innovative and practical solutions with blockchain. He has been actively promoting blockchain technologies (especially side chain technology) in China. Leo is an expert in JavaScript, Python, MySQL and MongoDB. Leo focuses on bringing blockchain accessibility to industries and has offered many tech solutions to Chinese blockchain projects including Asch. Leo's current focus is to build the first decentralised machine learning platform on the blockchain, and a blockchain application platform.