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Global Tech is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform. The trading and exchange platform is supported by artificial intelligence as well as a customer support team. The project will include fund management options, an online education program, a virtual trading platform and an ICO watchlist updated by industry professionals. Separate from this platform are a industry news website and social media network, which are designed to bring the crypto community together.

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Start Date
August 15th 2018 16:00 UTC
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End Date
December 10th 2018 16:00 UTC
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Andrew McLean photo
Andrew McLean
CEO and Business Funding. McLean has over 20 years of experience in business management, entrepreneurial ventures and business ownership. McLean has successfully built multi-million dollar companies and supported business growth right from the start-up stage through to international corporations. As an advanced cryptocurrency trader, McLean is a visionary for blockchain technology.
Marlon Donaire photo
Marlon Donaire
Finance and Investment Advising. Donaire has comprehensive qualifications in financial planning and over 8 years of experience in the finance industry. Also qualified as an investment advisor of managed funds and property, Donaire has worked with companies such as Strategic Global Fund and Wealth Build Australia.
Madeline Guerrini photo
Madeline Guerrini
Business & Operations Manager
Business Management and Finance. Guerrini has had over 5 years of experience in managing business operations. Working in operations and finance management with companies such as QLD Building and Guzman & Gomez, Guerrini has successfully helped to grow and develop the success of these major corporations.
Amy Puckett photo
Amy Puckett
Risk & Compliance Manager
Puckett is a skilled ISO officer, with 11 years of experience at a global technology company with over 30,000 employees. Puckett has established governance and compliance frameworks, management systems and maintained certification to international standards for major corporations. Amy has practical experience auditing integrated systems (HSEQIS), a robust understanding of international standards and a Bachelor in Business Management and Environmental Science.
Liqian You photo
Liqian You
Digital Interaction Designer
Chinese Translator and Digital Interaction Designer. Liqian is fluent in both English and Mandarin and has over 4 years of experience as a translator. She is qualified in web design, working on projects focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain.
Lucie Dupont photo
Lucie Dupont
French Liason
International Business. Multilingual, with vast experience in international business, Dupont holds the formal qualifications of a Master's degree in Business and a Diploma in Accounting. Her knowledge and background in business, as well as high level of experience have contributed to the success of various multinational companies.
Peter Khoury photo
Peter Khoury
Head of Legal
Head of Legal. Khoury provides strategic and effective legal advice and representation for individuals and businesses, and has significant experience in matters relating to competition and trade practices -advice on conduct, competition and consumer protection, restrictive trade practices, authorisation and notification, litigation and class actions. As the Principal Solicitor at PAK LAW, Khoury practices in business and commercial law, litigation, contract negotiation, insurance, family, franchising law and more.

Global Tech Token Distribution

  • Users & Investors149,500,000 GTH65.00%
  • Global Tech Exchange Company Holdings36,000,000 GTH16.00%
  • Founders & Team34,500,000 GTH15.00%
  • Ambassadors & Promotional9,200,000 GTH4.00%


Why is your company going to succeed?

Global Tech will succeed due to a number of important factors. The first is that the company has a wide variety of skilled experts as part of the team. Not only does Global Tech have experts in blockchain, cryptocurrency, education and journalism, Global Tech also has a wide range of people that are skilled and experienced with business and organisational management, international business and marketing.
Also important is that the platforms being built are already well into development, with their beta phases being tested over the subsequent months. These platforms are due to all have been completed by the time the ICO stages have finished in December 2018.
Lastly, Global Tech stands out from its competitors. While there are many cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges, there are none which have an incredibly user-friendly interface and also focus on building a cryptocurrency community. Global Tech will bring together the crypto community into an educational, social and informed space. Global Tech is not just providing another exchange, it is also providing an educational platform, social network and a news and industry updates platform.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The team members were hand selected from a number of places, communities and groups. Generally though, members were either met through blockchain seminars, or through advertised positions (depending on the role). All team members (including key members) have passed a vigorous interview process.