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The freelance & on-demand economy are lacking the principle standards to form a trusting business relationship among peers. The GigTricks objective is to create the world’s 1st 360° freelance and on-demand ecosystem which will be trusted by community of millions. We are building the GigTricks platform to help fight global recession by creating unlimited opportunities for talented individuals so that they can simply find the gigs, work from home, generate income and spend on their consumer needs.

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Start Date
July 1st 2018 08:00 UTC
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September 30th 2018 23:59 UTC
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South Africa
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Amir Shaikh photo
Amir Shaikh
Founder & CEO
Amir is the mastermind behind GigTricks’ Big Bang Theory. He is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at GigTricks. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a solid 14 years of international experience in the field of project management. With his vision to incorporate security and transparency as the foundation in the freelance and on-demand economy, Amir has laid down the blockchain based blueprint for a 360? ecosystem. Within his past career, he has managed over $450 million worth of international project management contracts in international markets
Omair Latif photo
Omair Latif
Co-founder & COO
Omair is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at GigTricks. He holds a degree in Computer Science with over 17 years of experience in IT sector. He is a true catalyst and is responsible for GigTricks operations to start and accelerate at the intended pace to ensure goal achievements. He has hands-on experience of managing several IT companies and projects in international markets. He is a self-made serial entrepreneur and founded a software business back in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates with branches in Australia, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. At GigTricks his persona is the key driver to ensure success with responsibilities such as to identify the goals of the organization in the short and long run, planning business strategy, identifying the major challenges, generating business leads and engaging the customers and teams for a combined growth.
Sadiq Hameed photo
Sadiq Hameed
Co-founder & CBO
Sadiq is a serial entrepreneur,tech enthusiast, and blockchain evangelist. He is the Co-Founder & Chief Blockchain Officer at GigTricks with 18 years of industry experience, MS in Software Engineering with various international technology certifications. His existence and contributions are the key drivers in converting the blueprint of GigTricks into a full-fledged 360? ecosystem. He is a mastermind of designing technical architecture of various successful software applications running live in UAE, USA, and KSA. He is an AI expert and implemented a real-time solution to NP-Complete problems with multi-linked, directed causal-loop graphs in state-of-the-art Decision Support and Executive Information Dashboard Software. Sadiq has also designed and employed AI, Machine Learning & Graph Theory programs. He is leading various initiatives as a technical backbone on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain technologies.

GigBit Token Token Distribution

  • Treasury300,000,000 GBTC30.00%
  • Initial Token Offering250,000,000 GBTC25.00%
  • Ecosystem Incentive200,000,000 GBTC20.00%
  • Team & Advisors150,000,000 GBTC15.00%
  • Marketing & Bounty50,000,000 GBTC5.00%
  • Liquidity Fund50,000,000 GBTC5.00%


  • Q4 2018

    List GBTC on Exchanges and GigTricks Marketplace Beta Launch (blockchain module)

  • Q1 2019

    GigTricks Learning & Pro Launch

  • Q2 2019

    GigTricks Social & Point of Sale (PoS) Launch

  • Q4 2019

    GigTricks Local Representation Offices in 20+ Countries

  • Q4 2019

    On going Improvements and Enhancements


Why is your company going to succeed?

The GigTricks ecosystem seeks to offer a diversified response to industry needs. Professionals will be keen to connect or migrate their products and services to the ecosystem as it will bring them new, high-quality buyers and an increased level of trust.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The team reside in Dubai, UAE locally from the last 15 years and know each other from the past Dubai based projects.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Market Adoption, Fiat conversion, regulatory measures, global reach