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GGTocken video thumbnail 17:10:02GGTockenGGRocket - P2P platform that solves the problems of financial infrastructure and security of the in-game trade market: services, items, game currency.

GGRocket - P2P platform that solves the problems of financial infrastructure and security of the in-game trade market: services, items, game currency.

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Start Date
May 1st 2018 01:00 UTC
End Date
June 29th 2018 23:55 UTC
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Alexey Belyankin photo
Alexey Belyankin
CEO & Founder Role: business development
8 years in the industry of e-sports and in-game trading. Founder of Ggrocket, and Participant of the start-up accelerator of the IIDF 11 and 13. From 2011 to 2013, Alexey's eSports team was in the top 0.1% of Blizzard's official PvP ratings in the discipline 3v3, World of Warcraft.
Margarita Sikora photo
Margarita Sikora
COO & Co-founder operations and processes alignment
Ex-COO of high load platform. Worked in iidf, Europe’s largest venture fund. Also worked for and was a IT specialists school co-founder. Participant of the 9th and 13th iidf acceleration programs
Emin Alekperov photo
Emin Alekperov
CMO/Product& Co-founder Marketing strategy and realization product management
More than 7 years' experience in marketing. Proficient in introducing niche b2c projects with traffic of 300+ thousand users to the CIS market. Experience in building marketing, sales and development departments. Participant of the IIDF 13 acceleration program.
Dmitry Sokolov photo
Dmitry Sokolov
Exchange strategy and development of relations with customers
The founder of the private crypto fund GMGO. The founder of the company Pocket.DJ, attracted investments from Yandex and the Federal State Statistics Service valued at $ 1 million.
Alexander Yurganov photo
Alexander Yurganov
CTO & Co-founder Development and technical architecture
More than 8 years in programming. He was engaged in the development of sites for large companies with traffic of more than 7 million users per month. Participant of the iidf 11 and 13 acceleration programs. and founder.
Zakhar Kabatsky photo
Zakhar Kabatsky
Product designer, Development team
More than 10 years of experience in developing. Was in charge of the development of concepts and interfaces for highly loaded services. Took part in the UX / UI software development for special services. Experienced in project management (Scrum, agile). Participant of the 11th iidf acceleration program intake.
Ivan Sankov photo
Ivan Sankov
PHP Developer / Data scientist
Department of Applied Mathematics of the MMF NSU Employee. In 2014-2015 held S.L. Sobolev scholarship in differential equations and equations of mathematical physics. Russian mathematical competitions gold winner
Sergey Manokhin photo
Sergey Manokhin
PHP Developer / Back-end
More than 5 years of experience in full-stack web development. Developed projects of varying degrees of complexity, from promotional websites to CRM-systems and banking business solution.
Viktor Ochirov photo
Viktor Ochirov
Payments / Pro-Teams account manager
5 years in game training services. Personally made more than 15 000 sales of game services. Worked with PRO teams in, - services for WoW, LoL, Overwatch, HoTs. Participant of the 11th iidf acceleration program intake.
Andrey Simakov photo
Andrey Simakov
Head of Sales
Developed AI in Dota 2 as part of the service team. 5 years in game training services. More than 10 000 sales of game services. Dota 2 ex-player, was in the top of Europe and CIS teams. Member of the LAN and Online PUBG tournaments, is in the top 1% of the ratings of Europe. Participant of the IIDF 13 acceleration program.
Vladimir Tomin photo
Vladimir Tomin
Content-manager D2, Overwatch, LoL
Newsmaker and content manager of the Destiny gaming community since 2014.Expert and translator of Destiny2 lore. As a content manager launched Destiny 2 and Overwatch on
Anastasia Galgashova photo
Anastasia Galgashova
Investor Relations
Worked at Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) for two years as a regional manager and has an experience in accounting and marketing in A-Round startups in Russia.