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Sustainable Forest Park and Crowd Planting Application

Firstly, we are a social enterprise to reforest and living with nature. Secondly, crowd planting application, everyone can plant tree anywhere in the world. Planter gets reward for each tree that grows from 0 to 1 year. Contributor will be published in social media for CSR purpose. And get Forest Coins in return.

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Travel & Tourism
Start Date
April 28th 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
January 1st 2020 12:00 UTC
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  • Dec 2018

    2018 Initial forest conservation area of 2,200 Rais (870 Acres) in Chiang Rai province which is declared as a degraded forest area. We're an organization that works together with several legal specialists under legal framework.

  • Dec 2019

    Crowd planting application. Forest conservation and rehabilitation, reforestation, organic farming and diversified mixed farming. World large onsen incorporate with Japanese onsen investors.

  • Dec 2020

    Natural tourism activities, ecotourism, promote a balanced and sustainable way of living with nature.

  • Dec 2020

    Free IT and language training for kids in order to initiate online working environment in the jungle. Also focus on several sustainable activities such as Yoga, meditation, weight control center and herbal research.

  • Dec 2021

    To plant trees on 19,000,000 Rais (7,500,000 acres) degraded area with a permission from Thai Royal forest department.


Why is your company going to succeed?

Firstly, Natural tourism becomes more and more popular and really close to China. We've unique hot spring and geyser to be developed to be impressive onsen spa. We've famous and professional architect. We also have huge marketplace to sell all of our products. We have partnership with Thai, Japanese and Chinese tour companies. Secondly crowd planting application is supported by former prime minister and cooperate with Thai Royal Forest Department. We've strong sale team to sell CSR program to several companies in Thailand. Those companies will get tax discount. We also plan to expand to most tropical countries. It's not difficult to find planters, because it's not hard work to plant tree and earn forestcoin as a reward.