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The #1 Blockchain Food Delivery

FoodNation is a food delivery marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology and having as key part the distribution of the profits with the sellers and promoters for a more viral and sustainable growing.

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Supply & Logistics
Food & Beverages
Start Date
November 5th 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
January 25th 2019 12:00 UTC
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Igor Montella photo
Igor Montella
Founder & CEO
Passionate about technology and economics. Wrote his first program at 7`s and never stopped since then. Has 10 years of experience in developing desktop and web applica-tions, 4 years of experience in large scale and high demand software. Played a major role, as software architect, in Rapiddo, a scalable logistics company in Brazil. Strong logics, analytics skills, entrepreneur and lover of impossible problems.
Vitor Lançoni photo
Vitor Lançoni
Creative Director
Bachelor of Graphic Design. Post Graduated in Digital Marketing. With responsibility, spon-taneity and the love of detail as fundamental pillars, I try to keep creation as a guide in my life. In pursuit of a design that is aesthetic, honest, functional and durable, I work with science that we often have to create and recreate what was already ready, assigning new meanings to each new look.
Khevin Mituti photo
Khevin Mituti
Marketing Director
'm a holistic Designer who integrates Branding, Advertising, Marketing and Design. I am motivated by the success of my clients to create products and experiences that resonate with their audience. Over the span of my Freelancing years, I took dozens of different projects in the area. I've acquired experience with Branding, Graphic Design, Advertising, User Experience, Interfaces, Prototyping, Product Management and Analytics. During my former UX job at Delivery Club, I've established a Design Process in the company and the better processes for working with Design-Developer teams with fast iteration. Since then, I've been working with companies to strengthen their brands and create amazing products and experiences.
Fan Yang photo
Fan Yang
Business Developer
Entrepreneur, passionate about innovation with cross-cultural experience. He is Food en-gineer with studies in business management. Prior to academic life, worked within differ-ent Food Services family business. During his academic life, led the Junior Enterprise Food Consulting. Originally from Asia, lived in Switzerland, where joined Nestle Product Tech-nology Centre. In Brazil, has developed work in business development and sales for food industry suppliers. He later founded Emmental, a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of food products.
Felipe Carvalho photo
Felipe Carvalho
Technical Leader
Developer and IT Consultant with working history in the information technology industry and services. I’m a professional with 5 years of hands-on experience in software appli-cation development including requirements, development, infrastructure, analysis and product management. Ability to communicate clearly, bringing people together and con-necting the dots for successful execution.


FoodNation Token Distribution

  • Sale300,000,000 FOOD30.00%
  • Marketing250,000,000 FOOD25.00%
  • Community200,000,000 FOOD20.00%
  • Founders90,000,000 FOOD9.00%
  • Pre-Sale50,000,000 FOOD5.00%
  • Reserve50,000,000 FOOD5.00%
  • Team30,000,000 FOOD3.00%
  • Advisor30,000,000 FOOD3.00%