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A sports token that knows your favorite team.

FanChain is the decentralized ecosystem to power the global sports media industry. The FANZ token is the unique fungible/non-fungible hybrid token that enables teams, leagues, publishers, and sports media entities to incentivize, reward and engage passionate fans and content creators. Partners such as David Stern (NBA Commissioner Emeritus), the NFL and WNBA Players Associations position FanChain and the FANZ token as the first blockchain solution to achieve global mainstream adoption.

  • Category Social Network
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Cayman Islands
Start Date
February 1st 2019
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End Date
March 31st 2019
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Restricted Countries
United States
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FanChain Token Distribution

  • ICO300,000,000 FANZ50.00%
  • Company reserves and team120,000,000 FANZ20.00%
  • User Growth Pool90,000,000 FANZ13.00%
  • Partner Incentive Pool60,000,000 FANZ10.00%
  • Bounties18,000,000 FANZ5.00%
  • Buffer12,000,000 FANZ2.00%


Why is your company going to succeed?

There is nothing more mainstream, more widely adopted that sports. Estimates at the industry's size present annual total revenue at somewhere between $500 billion and a trillion dollars, so the market is enormous. Fandom also bears qualities of religious affiliation, so passionate fans don't simply root for their favorite teams, they are devoted to them. Fans generate billions of dollars in value for their favorite teams, and so it's natural that a decentralizing, democratizing technology such as blockchain invite them to share in that value. In return, teams, leagues, publishers and sports platforms of all shapes and sizes can engage a global community with a seamless, borderless efficiency not previously possible. FanChain is a solution that is simple enough to usher in a new age of crypto adoption. You don't have to be a blockchain engineer to understand its use! It is also unique and advanced enough in its development to support myriad methods of application.