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Redefining Education and the Future of Work

Harvard-incubated Expercoin is a decentralized network of learning communities & marketplaces, with a charter to advance learning and create jobs for the digital world. Having built a leading platform that combines work and upskilling for Fortune 500s, the Experfy team is scaling its efforts by decentralizing its technology through Expercoin protocol. Any non-technical person can create a specialized community with marketplaces for training, assessments, mentorship, jobs & financial aid.

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February 1st 2019 14:05 UTC
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March 1st 2019 14:06 UTC
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Dr. Harpreet Singh photo
Dr. Harpreet Singh
Dr. Harpreet Singh works at the intersection of Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, developing advanced cyrptoeconomic systems, roadmaps, algorithms and data products. In the past he has served as a Chief Analytics Officer and has also led cross-functional teams in global execution of product development, business strategy, operations, and technology functions. He managed the program management initiatives for sixty technology startups from Citigroup’s e-Citi Venture Portfolio Office. Harpreet subsequently established the Project Management Office for FX Alliance, a global foreign exchange platform, where he was responsible for enabling project and risk management functions for New York, London and Tokyo locations. Harpreet earned Master's and PhD degrees from Harvard University, where he also served as a faculty member.
Sarabjot Kaur photo
Sarabjot Kaur
Sarabjot drives the overall vision and growth of the Experfy platform. She is passionate about disrupting traditional models of engagement used today in deeply fragmented AI, blockchain and IoT markets. Sarabjot draws upon 18 years of experience in creating enterprise value; innovating business models; brand positioning & marketing; and using technology to translate business complexities into actionable solutions. Before joining Experfy, Sarabjot co-founded Academic Room, a platform that curates data within communities of practice and used by academics from over 200 countries. As the CEO of a Boston based digital agency, she managed multidisciplinary teams and client engagements and led ambitious technology initiatives for organizations such as Harvard, EMC, CA, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts. During the course of her career, she has contributed to over 50 software projects, and interactive products. She has also served in various strategic & consulting positions at State Street, Citigroup and Fidelity.
Jothi Periasamy photo
Jothi Periasamy
Head of AI and Data, Experfy Managing Director, KPMG Learning Facilitator for MIT
Jothi Periasamy provides leadership to Experfy's growing community of data experts and solutions providers, while leading the company's sales and recruitment efforts to establish Experfy as a preeminent platform for delivering on-demand big data and analytics consulting engagements. He served as a Managing Director and global innovation leader with KPMG's North America Advisory Practice and Innovation Center. Before KPMG, he was the Director of Enterprise Intelligence for E&Y. In addition, he has held leadership positions at Blue Shield and Deloitte. Jothi has deep “hands-on” subject matter expertise in big data, predictive analytics, cloud technology and in-memory computing. Jothi also has seventeen years experience with project delivery, practice development, thought leadership, go-to market, and sales and pre-sales. He specializes in several industry processes including finance transformation, retail, point of sales, smart grid analytics, performance improvements and data governance.
Mirza Memic photo
Mirza Memic
Blockchain Innovation Leader Expercoin Republics
Mirza Memic is technical leader with a strong academic and industrial background. He has a passion for technology, innovation and leading by example. He has years of experience leading multi-disciplinary projects that involve practical research and software development. He is the lead architect of Expercoin Ecosystem. His team is building a protocol for enabling the creation of a network of decentralized autonomous organizations known as Republics. These marketplaces leverage the Ethereum blockchain, IPFS and Aragon and number of other cutting-edge protocols to enable self-governance on a large scale.
Adam Wood photo
Adam Wood
Director of Operations, Expercoin
Adam is an expert in international infrastructure, trade, sustainable technology, and governmental relations. Amassing 15 years of unique time and place experience in about a dozen countries, he has managed projects for, or on behalf of, the U.S. government, as well as private and public entities worth over $1B USD. He has been recognized by President George W. Bush (Presidential Nomination 2004), and his socioeconomic and geopolitical advisements have followed former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson in global interviews. Adam’s research interests are in blockchain technology, international monetary policy, banking, and economic development, primarily the role finance plays in it.
Jyotsna Khan photo
Jyotsna Khan
Senior Manager, Experfy
Jyotsna leads sales and marketing operations at Experfy. Her role requires her to interact with clients to understand their business challenges and suggest appropriate AI solutions. She works with Fortune clients such as Macy’s and smaller clients who are looking to build enterprise value using emerging technologies. She has also been instrumental in developing a strong marketing operations program that leverages the latest digital marketing methodologies to support a wide range of initiatives. In addition, Jyotsna has been working with a number of thought leaders on the Experfy platform to launch courses on topics ranging from “Blockchain for Finance Professionals” to “IoT for Executives.” Jyotsna was the Business Head at Hygienetech, where she grew the business from zero to 400 B2B clients in less than five years. She spearheaded supply chain improvements, established operational systems and processes to maximize efficiency and productivity.
Sergio Demian Lerner photo
Sergio Demian Lerner
Expercoin Technical Advisor, Chief Scientist, RSK Labs
Sergio Lerner is an early Bitcoin security pioneer and currently in charge of the design of the RSK platform, a groundbreaking smart-contract platform that will serve as a Bitcoin side-chain. He periodically performs security audits on the changes to the Bitcoin Core source code. He co-founded Coinspect, a computer security company focused on cryptocurrencies, and CoinFabrik, a software-factory for cryptocurrency development.
Ibrahim Chalak photo
Ibrahim Chalak
Senior Project Manager
Ibrahim works with the leading industry players to build an ecosystem of analytics, blockchain and IoT companies to maximize consulting and training value for Experfy’s clients. Ibrahim works on a range of initiatives such as bringing on board thought leaders in the emerging technology space to create specialized training programs for the industry. Before coming to Experfy, Ibrahim worked in telecom and construction industries providing project and risk management expertise. He is a graduate of Certificate Program in Project Management from UC Berkeley and is certified as a Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute.
Sedad Kosovac photo
Sedad Kosovac
Blockchain Developer
Sedad is currently aiding in developing out Expercoin's Republics ecosystem. He works with Ethereum Solidity, Kubernetes and Docker to build out Blockchain systems that will be used by Expercoin's enterprise clients. As part of his role, he has gained expertise in the following technologies and concepts: public and private blockchains; IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings; containerization; container orchestration using Kubernetes; and decentralized design.

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