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The European Cryptocurrency Exchange, or EUCX (pronounced You See Ex) is a new cryptocurrency exchange with a global focus, based in the Netherlands, filling the European gap in secure and regulated exchanges aimed at the professional retail trader and boutique firms. The EUCX platform is focused on the demanding and professional trader. Including the upper segment of retail trader and boutique firms.

  • Category Trading & Investing
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Netherlands
Start Date
April 1st 2019
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End Date
April 30th 2019
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Restricted Countries
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
United States
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Fook Hwa Tan photo
Fook Hwa Tan
His passion lies in helping people and organisations govern their Information Security, Business Continuity and Privacy. Tan prefers to use a risk based approach to ensure the measures aligning with the objectives of the organisation taking into account the needs/wants of the various stakeholders. Currently CQO at Northwave. Intelligent Security Operations.
Slava Mushyakov photo
Slava Mushyakov
Founder Promo.Network
ONG Jun Hao photo
ONG Jun Hao
Jun Hao is the Founder and CEO of, one of the top ICO/blockchain advisory firm in Asia. With over 40+ clients, they are also one of the only blockchain consultancy firms that have experience working with publicly listed companies. Furthermore, Jun Hao is also rated as one of the top advisor on the top ICO review site - He also has over 50,000 followers on different social media platforms. Till date, he amassed over 20,000 followers on Telegram ( guiding people to understand more about cryptocurrency and the ICO market. He has also been invited as a speaker and panelist for many blockchain events globally.
Walter Karshat photo
Walter Karshat
An Innovator and Entrepreneur in Blockchain Technologies, FinTech, Mobile Apps, Wireless Health, IoT and Embedded Communications. He currently is the CTO at AlgoTecture and Alpha Block.
Natasha Milosevic photo
Natasha Milosevic
Natasha has been researching cryptocurrencies and blockchain for just over 2 years. She has dedicated her time to research ever since. She has worked in the fields of real estate, online shopping platforms and social media management. Natasha has been a solid and respected asset to the team of Ternio and has worked with them passionately as a Social Media Manager.
Timo Trippler photo
Timo Trippler
Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. He advised various successful ICO projects and manages multiple cryptographic fund portfolios.

European Cryptocurrency Exchange Token Distribution

  • Tokens For Sale625,000,000 EUCX62.50%
  • Company Reserve100,000,000 EUCX10.00%
  • Calamity Fund100,000,000 EUCX10.00%
  • Founding Team75,000,000 EUCX7.50%
  • Advisors75,000,000 EUCX7.50%
  • Bounties25,000,000 EUCX2.50%


  • Q4 2018

    Idea Creation & Development Start

  • Q1 2019

    Token Sales live

  • Q2 2019

    Open Beta Platform Launch

  • Q2 2019

    Release Platform V1.0

  • Q3 2019

    FIU Compliancy & DNB Permit


Why is your company going to succeed?

When examining the global landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges, one sees that both Asia and North America are the dominant players in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, yet Europe is lacking behind. This fact was recognized by the European Union in 20181. This is an ironic fact seeing as historically speaking Europe, and especially the Netherlands, has been a main hub of financial innovation. Throughout the last few years, cryptocurrencies have exploded into a true digital financial ecosystem. At the time of writing, over $14 billion (USD) in volume is exchanged on a daily basis, on the various cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the world today. Unfortunately, with the increased volume and interest, weaknesses have become apparent. Several exchanges suffer from a number of issues, ranging from poor customer service, lacking information security and unreliable availability, poor liquidity, and a questionable legal basis. The picture that is being painted is one of crudeness. It seems that, generally speaking, cryptocurrency exchanges underestimate the amount of effort that goes into successfully running a service organization. These days many exchanges go out of their way to avoid regulatory oversight. EUCX does the opposite by actively complying with current financial laws on both a national and European level and seeking and staying in close discourse with regulators and the proper authorities.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Eric and Erwin have been working together for a long period already. They saw a problem in the exchange market and started working on their idea. After reaching out to many people about their project and probable funding they heard it would be best to find an additional member for the marketing side of the project. That is how they ended up with Dennis. Advisors joined the team due personal talks and outreach.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

User adoption, full-scale compliancy, funding, security breaches and just an ever-changing ecosystem overall.