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Coins for Communities and Game Accounts! ESN is created based on Ethereum.We have optimized ESN as community coins leveraging smart applications of Ethereum. ESN activates a social network of people, who are participating in a community based on easily available cryptocurrencies and can produce coins at the same.

Start Date
April 23rd 2018 03:00 UTC
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End Date
May 14th 2018 03:00 UTC
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Lee Woon Hee photo
Lee Woon Hee
Founder Woonhee Lee Developer and Korean Medicine Doctor(KMD) The father of the biggest Korean blockchain forum since 2013. Release ESN through discussion about development sources with forum members.
Seomun Seong-su photo
Seomun Seong-su
Ethersocial Division Manager
ESN Chief Project Manager Seongsu Seomun With 10 years of game industry experience (Gravity Ltd.) Participated in Requiem online and various mobile games as a project manager. Focuses on applying blockchain to games and online communities. Interested in an interlocked game system with online, mobile and coins.
Kim Myeong-hun photo
Kim Myeong-hun
Chief Technology Officer
CTO Myeonghun Kim The developer by nature especially specialized in Java. Participated in various major projects, such as the post office and Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. as a developer. After learned blockchain, got interested and absorbed in the development of blockchain. Focuses on development of blockchain and ESN project now. Most of ESN application developments have been under his control. Feel free to ask questions about development of ESN through Discord
Mincheol Eric Park photo
Mincheol Eric Park
Senior Architect
Full Stack Developer. Specialty : C#, Back-end
Kim Ki-man photo
Kim Ki-man
Senior Engineer
Computer Engineering technician
Jeong Yoon-mi photo
Jeong Yoon-mi
IT Project Planning Specialist
Lee Dong -jun photo
Lee Dong -jun
Web planning specilist
Ha Seung-bo photo
Ha Seung-bo
Deputy Section Chief
Marketing, C/S
Son Dong-gyun photo
Son Dong-gyun
Deputy Section Chief
Marketing, Coin Analysis
Kim Man-jung photo
Kim Man-jung
Cryptocurrency Manager
Mining Specialist
Kim Chang-wan photo
Kim Chang-wan
Design Team Manager
Computer Graphic Artist / Designer
Yu Yong-heung photo
Yu Yong-heung
Web specialist / Wordpress
Hwang Hyung-soo photo
Hwang Hyung-soo
Skills : Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc.
Jung A-reum photo
Jung A-reum
HR Dept Staff
Human Resourses

Ethersocial Network Token Distribution

  • Company23,000,000 ESN46.10%
  • DDENGLE.com13,000,000 ESN26.00%
  • NINE FINNEY13,000,000 ESN26.00%
  • Alpha and Beta Tester922,490 ESN1.90%


  • Dec 2017

    DEVELOPMENT - Initial ESN Mining

  • Jan 2018

    BUSINESS - Beta-testing with selected members of DDENGLE

  • Jan 2018

    BUSINESS - Distributing 500,000 ESN to DDengle per year. (Distribution period : 10 years)

  • Feb 2018

    BUSINESS - Releasing an official ESN whitepaper

  • Mar 2018

    DEVELOPMENT - Announcing joint development of an ESN-based new forum

  • Apr 2018

    DEVELOPMENT - Officially announcing API for External Communities (DDENGLE applications etc)

  • May 2018

    DEVELOPMENT - Launching the escrow service based on ESN.

  • Q3 2018

    BUSINESS - Listing ESN on overseas exchanges

  • Oct 2018

    BUSINESS - Blockchain based blog/forum content reward system

  • Q2 2019

    BUSINESS - Establishing a ESN foundation and changing the management


Why is your company going to succeed?

We are presenting our new technologies not to overwhelm and intimidate others,
Our Projects will advance those technologies further.
Originated from a forum, Ethersocial is a humble pot which holds all the technologies we have.