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The Etheraffle ICO is a unique proposition, a platform for charitable giving funded by an Ethereum based lottery. Leveraging blockchain technology to distribute a portion of the lottery profits to charities veritably and transparently.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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Start Date
March 5th 2018 00:01 UTC
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End Date
May 3rd 2018 23:59 UTC
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Diego Cardenas Ibanez photo
Diego Cardenas Ibanez
Head of Operations
Head of operations at Etheraffle with over 10 years digital marketing experience. Team leader with a wealth of experience in successfully bringing products and services to market. Entrepeneur and blockchain early adopter. "Leveraging blockchain technology to solve charitable giving issues is a unique proposition, disrupting the way we interact with charities will not only be hugely important to the work carried out but also to the charities themselves"
Abigail Whalley photo
Abigail Whalley
Communications Lead
An advertiser who specialises in copywriting, Abbie will lead all communications, both traditional and digital, as well as social media development. An instrumental part in communicating Etheraffle's message to a wider community. "For me, I enjoy the challenge of turning the technical blockchain terminology into something everyone can understand, and enabling them to interact with the blockchain no matter their experience"
Stefania Palmisano photo
Stefania Palmisano
Creative Lead
Head of creative direction. With over 5 years experience in digital projects with a particular focus in seeing digital projects from their inception through to market launch. Stefania takes ownership of all things creative, from direction of the brand through to strategic decisions in wider marketing and advertising projects. "Clear direction and a purposeful vision for the brand is paramount to success. Guiding the brand strategy for Etheraffle is a tremendously exciting proposition with incredible scope for future growth"