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Ether 4 the Rest Of the World (E4ROW)Gold Project

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E4ROW's mission is to aggressively expand the universe of Ether users by bringing Ether-based apps to the global online/mobile gaming markets. The E4ROW contract that is at the core of these apps enables players to bet and win Ether in a secure and transparent manner. These fun games will introduce Ether to millions of new users, thus increasing the overall adoption, viability and value of Ether.

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  • Jurisdiction Israel
Start Date
May 2nd 2017
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End Date
May 23rd 2017
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E4ROW ICO Details

Unlike many other gambling ICOs where the software seems to be in perpetual development, E4ROW is live now, and the first android app that uses E4ROW (Uncle Finney's Poker) is live, downloadable and fully functional.

Another unique aspect of our ICO is that we have a novel way of rewarding participants: Tokenholders share in the perpetual escrow fees charged on each transaction completed by E4ROW. These returns may be substantial.