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ETH888 is a the most responsive Ethereum Casino, featuring blockchain based provably fairness and dedicated off-chain. Beta version games are live in Ropsten.

Stakeholders will share 40% monthly profit from the house!

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Start Date
April 28th 2018
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End Date
May 28th 2018
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Gordan Tsui photo
Gordan Tsui
Chief Product Development Offer
Gordan was a product developer, one of core members in SunBet ( He has deep understanding in how traditional online casino operates, and rich expertise in analysing and managing player’s behaviour and mentality. After committing to online gambling industry over a decade, he does believe that the era of the Internet 3.0 (web3) will arrive soon and there will be a positively revolutionary impact to online gambling industry. Two years before, the first time he touched Ethereum technology. Since that time, he confidently trusts that this technology can destructively break the bottleneck mounted in nowadays online casinos, so he invites talents of the same interest from various areas and establishes ETH888. He is now a Chief Product Development Officer of ETH888.
Steve White photo
Steve White
Chief Operation Officer
Steve is an Australian mathematician, inspired and motivated by Bitcoin concept in 2008, he privately researches the foundation of peer-to-peer network communication technology. After that, he participated in cryptocurrency development community GameBet and designed several proof-of-work algorithms. Apart from being an enthusiast in Asian cultures, Steve has strong interest in ETH888 development and partners with Gordan, another founder of ETH888, to empower this knowhow in online casino operation, especially focusing on how the platform supports more altcoins and captures more market shares.
Lily Cheng photo
Lily Cheng
Chief Marketing Officer
Lily is the youngest and most creative member of ETH888 Team. In early years, she was studying visual art and communication, filling her with creative mind and strong aesthetic sense. After graduation, she worked in various digital agencies and executed social media promotional companions to worldwide renowned brands. Before joining ETH888, she was a big data analyst of an international digital agency. Her expertise also includes social networking advertising and search engine optimisation. At this moment, she also oversees the visual and interactive designs of ETH888.