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Eroiy is a blockchain currency that underlies a decentralized system. In this way, all parties use a completely transparent and fair payment method, which enables business activities and transactions to be processed within seconds. Value depreciation, as in the case of a more classical currency, is precluded because the available trading tokens are fixed and cannot be increased. Therefore, the result can only be an increase in value.

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Start Date
January 29th 2018 23:00 UTC
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End Date
February 28th 2018 23:00 UTC
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Eroiy Pre-ICO Details

Use of Funds

■ 50% IT development and implementation
■ 10% Marketing
■ 10% Development of competence partners (merchant network)
■ 5% Blockchain engineering and testing
■ 5% Licensing and regulatory requirements
■ 5% Salaries and wages, legal and commercial advice
■ 5% Research & development
■ 5% Social media
■ 5% Reserve
Start Date
March 1st 2018 23:00 UTC
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End Date
March 30th 2018 23:00 UTC
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Eroiy Token Sale Details

Use of Funds

■ 50% IT development and implementation
■ 10% Marketing
■ 10% Development of competence partners (merchant network)
■ 5% Blockchain engineering and testing
■ 5% Licensing and regulatory requirements
■ 5% Salaries and wages, legal and commercial advice
■ 5% Research & development
■ 5% Social media
■ 5% Reserve


Markus Steffen photo
Markus Steffen
CEO of Eroiy
Markus Steffen is the CEO of the Eroiy project. His financial and online experience speaks for itself: he has worked as director and partner in business solutions for over 15 years. Now, he wants to make use of his knowledge for the success of Eroiy
Tanja Rahman photo
Tanja Rahman
Vice President of Sales
Being the Managing Director of various companies, Tanja Rahman understands the complex relationships that are necessary to steer a company with foresight. Her over 12 years of experience in sales will be highly beneficial to the Eroiy project.
Martina Pracht photo
Martina Pracht
Vice President of International Sales
Martina Pracht is responsible for Eroiy’s international sales. Due to her many years of sales and fundraising experience in the Internet business, Martina knows the online industry thoroughly, and will be able to incorporate her experience into the commercialization of the Eroiy.
Walter Hasenclever photo
Walter Hasenclever
PR Director
Proper communication promotes brand awareness as well as the turnover of a company. As a result of 15 years of experience in PR, Walter knows which aspects are particularly important, and how to elaborately present a business to customers and partners.
Luca Kögel photo
Luca Kögel
Head of Design
Luca Kögel is the creative mind behind Eroiy: “Creative isn’t the way I think, it is the way I like to live.”
Julius Traupe photo
Julius Traupe
Head of Management IT
Julius Traupe is the Founder and Head of Management at, an IT Agency Leader with over 30 Developers worldwide. His experience in IT and blockchain development is highly suitable to the Eroiy project.
Mohamad Omeirat photo
Mohamad Omeirat
Blockchain Developer
Mohamad Omeirat is a Blockchain Developer at, who also provides the Eroiy team with IT support.


Michael Mätzler photo
Michael Mätzler
Online Marketing, Creative Media
Michael has many years of experience in online marketing, as well as successful collaborations with major partners in the adult business.
Oliver Loy photo
Oliver Loy
Online Business, you27
Oliver Loy has worked in the web industry for almost twenty years; this expertise is what has led him to advise and support the Eroiy team regarding questions dealing with the online business.
Walter Oligschläger photo
Walter Oligschläger
Swiss Media, Amarotic
Walter Olligschläger is an expert in project management and e-commerce, with over 10 years of experience. The Eroiy team benefits from his knowhow.
Alex Gheorghe photo
Alex Gheorghe
Founder and CEO of AWSummit
Alex Gheorghe is the Founder and CEO of AWSummit, an event that is designed to encourage the growth of existing business relationships and establishing new ones. He brings valuable knowledge as an expert in both the organization and monetization of events.
Paul Yu photo
Paul Yu
Paul Yu was director for business development of the Alibaba Division at Optical Communication Co., Ltd., and SBI Fintech & Solutions Co., Ltd., where he was involved in the planning and implementation of the Global Prepaid Card.
Lebin Bai photo
Lebin Bai
Risk Management
Lebin Bai is a financial Risk Controlling Analyst. His extensive knowledge in the field is used for the Eroiy project’s risk management.
Raymund Scheffler photo
Raymund Scheffler
Financial Consultant
Raymund Scheffler has more than 30 years of experience in Wealth Management. He was MD at a leading private bank in Germany and worked as advisor for family offices globally. His focus has been on private equity, real estate, forestry and alternative investments.
Harald Plewka photo
Harald Plewka
Legal Advisor
Harald Plewka advises domestic and foreign clients legally and on tax matters in the areas of M&A, corporate finance (debt and equity capital markets), joint ventures, strategic alliances, real estate and private equity
Lorenz Sondergeld photo
Lorenz Sondergeld
Legal Advisor
Lorenz Sondergeld advises national and international companies on business issues with a focus on Corporate Development, Business Development and Corporate Finance.
Md. Yousuf Ali photo
Md. Yousuf Ali
Legal Advisor
Md. Yousuf Ali is a legal advisor with over 15 years of experience in legal, corporate and tax issues in Asia and the Middle East. He is also a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.
Jim Austin photo
Jim Austin
Industry Expert
How does the online market work? Jim Austin knows the exact answers to this question and with his knowledge, he supports the entire Eroiy team.
Andy Wullmer photo
Andy Wullmer
Online Expert, SGM Media
Whether online, mobile or film: As the CEO and founder of numerous companies, Andy Wullmer is very familiar with the industry and its business models.
Jay Kopita photo
Jay Kopita
Marketing, Online Sales and PR Expert
Jay Kopita is extremely experienced in the industry. He has a large network and is an expert in marketing, online sales, and PR.
Colin Rowntree photo
Colin Rowntree
CEO of Wasteland
Colin Rowntree is the founder and CEO of Wasteland; he specializes in film productions, internet marketing campaigns and affiliate program management.
Curt Frieden photo
Curt Frieden
Technology Expert, Everflow
Curt Frieden’s strengths are developing new technologies and implementing them in the market.
Reto Koch photo
Reto Koch
Monetization Expert, Orgazmik
As the operator of several successful online platforms, Reto Koch is well versed in both the monetization of content and IT project management.
Christian Bayer photo
Christian Bayer
Traffic and SEO specialist, intermax
As a specialist in internet traffic and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Christian’s knowledge will help Eroiy's online strategy enormously
Julius Kedvessy photo
Julius Kedvessy
Media Professional, Fubar
Julius Kedvessy is a true media professional with decades of experience. He regularly accompanies the most important events in the industry.
Anthony Rivera photo
Anthony Rivera
Co-Founder of AJ Studios, lalexpo
Anthony Rivera is a co-founder of AJ Studios. He was educated in both the US as well as Colombia.
Tilmann Petersen photo
Tilmann Petersen
Nu Emotions
Tilmann Petersen has 10 years of experience in high-tech companies. He is a specialist in digital marketplaces and data-driven platform businesses. He is currently CEO of Nu Emotions, running digital B2C marketplaces using token systems in +150 countries.
Olaf Kaderka photo
Olaf Kaderka
As the CEO of INET-CASH, Olaf Kaderka has more to offer than just online payment solutions. INET-CASH provides appropriate solutions for every partner from membership accounting, shop solutions and custom gateways to affiliate solutions and risk management tools.
Tim Kirschner photo
Tim Kirschner
Tim Kirschner is CEO and founder of numerous companies which were started as an affiliate many years ago.
Morgen Sommer photo
Morgen Sommer
Cybersocket Inc. / Co-Owner
As the CEO of Cybersocket, Morgan Sommer has more than 20 years of online adult experience. His knowledge in theory and practice extends the competencies and opportunities for action of the Eroiy team.
Valentyna Plewka photo
Valentyna Plewka
Valentyna Plewka is Managing Director of Wise Consulting Ltd. in Dubai. She supports the Eroiy team with her experience in the areas of Accounting and Finance, as well as ICOs and Investor Relations.
Lisa Houck photo
Lisa Houck
Camasutra VR
As company founder, Lisa Houck knows exactly what is important in marketing. Whether offline or online: her experience is very valuable to the entire Eroiy team.
Tim Lutz photo
Tim Lutz
Digital Publisher Cybersocket Inc. / Co-Owner
As digital publisher at Cybersocket and communication expert, Tim Lutz knows exactly how to properly edit relevant content.
Dirk photo
Banking Expert
As a banking expert with years of experience, Dirk is familiar with corporate development as well as financing issues.
Stephan Wetzmüller photo
Stephan Wetzmüller
Cryptocurrency Advisor
As a cryptocurrency, we also need the expertise of other crypto experts. Stephan Wetzmüller is one of them. He is a Blockchain expert since day one!
Alex Puetz photo
Alex Puetz
Alex Puetz is a webmaster with years of experience. What works on the internet and what are just legends? Alex knows it and helps us with his knowledge!
Roland Bongartz photo
Roland Bongartz
Roland Bongartz is a true veteran of the industry. No one else has so much knowledge combined with just as much practical experience!
Thomas Pedersen photo
Thomas Pedersen
Thomas Pedersen not only has the necessary technological understanding, but is above all successful as an entrepreneur with a keen sense for innovation.
Karl Edwards photo
Karl Edwards
Karl Edwards whose websites have stood out for their excellent branding and outstanding video quality has the experience of over 1200 scenes. His knowledge is priceless to the Eroiy team.
Greg Dumas photo
Greg Dumas
Greg Dumas has been part of the adult entertainment business for decades. That's why he is a true marketing, project management and monetization expert.
Tim Valenti photo
Tim Valenti
CEO of
Tim Valenti, President and CEO of, has extensive technical and marketing experience in the world of adult video distribution. Valenti guided NakedSword through the dotcom bubble in 2000 and confronted the current threat of digital piracy through hard work and innovation.
Mickey Bojcsik photo
Mickey Bojcsik
As a CEO and Entrepreneur, Mickey is an expert in transforming startups to fully matured, international success stories. He specializes in forging strategic partnerships, conceptualizing interactive products and creating innovative business models.

Eroiy Token Distribution

  • For sale during Pre-ICO and ICO1,200,000,000 Eroiy60.00%
  • Retained as a reserve that can be used at the discretion of the management for incentives, campaigns, etc.400,000,000 Eroiy20.00%
  • Assigned as a reward for fans, Club Members and teams100,000,000 Eroiy5.00%
  • Distributed to referrals100,000,000 Eroiy5.00%
  • Assigned to strategic partners100,000,000 Eroiy5.00%
  • Available for lawyers, advisors and competence partners100,000,000 Eroiy5.00%