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We are licensed money institution in EU with over 100+ team members on a working product. ENTRY is aim to be gateway between traditional and new financial paradigms and systems led by cryptocurrencies and empower the financial ecosystem.

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Start Date
May 3rd 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
May 10th 2018
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Tomas Ambrazas photo
Tomas Ambrazas
Master degree in Banking. Chairman of a licensed money institution in EU. Fintech Evangelist. Startup Maniac for 10+ years. ICO and Blockchain Adviser.
Justas Maziliauskas photo
Justas Maziliauskas
5+ years of experience in coding. 1+ year of experience in lecturing coding. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Tadas Ambrazas photo
Tadas Ambrazas
10+ years of experience in various businesses. Carries Financial Broker General Licence.
Ignas Sakalauskas photo
Ignas Sakalauskas
Community Hero
Technician, Miner, Trader. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Art?ras Svirskis photo
Art?ras Svirskis
Marketing Adviser
5+ years of experience in Marketing and Business Development with a special focus on Fintech.
Rima Delgiado photo
Rima Delgiado
Community Hero
10+ years of experience in Customer Service and Problem Solving.
Neringa Šiaulyt? photo
Neringa Šiaulyt?
Social Networking
5+ years experience in e-commerce business, online marketing and business planing.
Girvydas Bartkus photo
Girvydas Bartkus
5+ years of experience in coding. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Vytautas But?nas photo
Vytautas But?nas
Backend developer
10+ years of experience in coding.
Marius Barvydas photo
Marius Barvydas
Strategic Planning
Entrepreneur. 10+ years experience at Business Development and Strategy Planning. Startup and Blockchain enthusiast.
Laurynas Vali?nas photo
Laurynas Vali?nas
Marketing Adviser
5+ years experience in Mainframe Technologies and Software Engineering. Mostly experienced in banking systems.
Eugenijus Kazili?nas photo
Eugenijus Kazili?nas
Project and Financial Consultant
7+ years experience as CFO. 7+ years experience as CEO. Highly experienced in organization and operations management. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Martynas Kasiulis photo
Martynas Kasiulis
ICO Consultant
Highly educated at Technical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency details. Marketing, PR specialist. Investor and Trader.
Indre Stasiulyte photo
Indre Stasiulyte
Project and Operational Manager
10+ years experience in Banking. Highly experienced in management, organization and planing. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Audrius Vitartas photo
Audrius Vitartas
Financial Analyst
Master degree in Banking. 3+ year experience in Banking. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Karolina Latožait? photo
Karolina Latožait?
Community Hero
Experienced problem solver. Customer service specialist. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Paulius Lukšys photo
Paulius Lukšys
Business Consultant and representative in Switzerland
10+ years experience in Project Management. 2+ years experience in Blockchain for Switzerland companies. Entry.Money representative in Switzerland


  • Jun 2018

    ENTRY MONEY ICO main sale