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Blockchain, Protocol, Platform, Big Data

ENDO is a Protocol that solves the problem of certified information tracking and encrypted data storage. The ENDO ecosystem allows organisations and users to participate in information and service exchange through the EToken.

  • Category Data Storage
  • Project Type Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm ERC-20
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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
  • Masternode No
Start Date
June 20th 2018
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End Date
August 25th 2018
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Yan Palmachinskiy photo
Yan Palmachinskiy
CEO, Founder
IT technology entrepreneur and founder of international IT company "Take IT Easy". Creator of SAAS services that use AI: GoFocus, PiperCat, Webster University.
Vladislav Utushkin photo
Vladislav Utushkin
Has more than 10 years of marketing, consulting and analytics experience. 5+ years of experience in managing the Internet marketing agency “RVR Project”. Successfully closed the $ 12.000.000 token sale for MARK.SPACE.
Mikhail Plyaskin photo
Mikhail Plyaskin
Former procurement coordinator in the land stead projects. Founder of the centralized structure of the association of organizations providing communication services in the telecommunication industry. Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management graduate.
Julia Stafford photo
Julia Stafford
Head of Digital Advertising
More than 10 years experience in the Internet marketing, including large Russian companies and international advertising agencies. Specialize in promotion of IT projects based on the Blockchain.
Boris Baranov photo
Boris Baranov
Community Director
More than 10 years of experience in translation/localization IT projects, former Couchsurfing Ambassador
Nicolay Berezowsky photo
Nicolay Berezowsky
Systems architect
5 years of experience in commercial development and engeneering. Novosibirsk State University, Faculty of Information Technology graduate.
Yaroslav Karpov photo
Yaroslav Karpov
Business Development Director, Japan
5 years of experience in commodities trading with Japan/APAC, 2 years in Russia's trade mission in Tokyo, 3 years of project management in automotive industry, participated in a successful crypto project (VR/AR)
Kirill Khristenko photo
Kirill Khristenko
Legal support
Has more than 4 years of experience in the finance and legal practice. Worked for the court, engaged in legal support, interacted with authorities, tax services, banks. Novosibirsk State University, Faculty of Economics graduate.
Andrey Veselov photo
Andrey Veselov
Investments manager
The Russian stock market. Structural products and portfolio equity. He was an asset manager for the last 3 years. Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education graduate.
Kate Ten photo
Kate Ten
Community manager
4 years of experience in journalism and copywriting. Worked in advertising holding BBDO as a PR manager. She led the project in Indonesia and developed branding and marketing strategy. Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism graduate.
Anastasia Pakhomova photo
Anastasia Pakhomova
Project manager
More than 3 years of experience in IT projects leading. More than 50 released digital projects.
Vadim Snopkov photo
Vadim Snopkov
Backend developer
5 years of experience in commercial development of highload systems. One year of experience in blockchain development. Novosibirsk State Technical University graduate.
Zara Kachaeva photo
Zara Kachaeva
More than 3 years of experience in a large international company. Formed a World WiFi team, which successfully held the Token Sale.
Bruce Porter Jr photo
Bruce Porter Jr
Executive Director of American Operations
The American businessman who recognized as an expert in blockchain, cryptography, and social networks. CEO GlobalBoost, Senior Partner DC Translation, COO EmmeGirls. Included in the list of the top20 most influential people in the Blockchain.
Daria Koleossova photo
Daria Koleossova
Business Development Director, China
Has experience in logistics service and international relations. Agent Provocateur's regional sales representative. Participate in successful blockchain project which raised over $12 million.
Mohamed Shoieb photo
Mohamed Shoieb
Investor Relations
Professional Experience in Business development-Investors Relationship More than 5 years. Financial consulting & Investing financial services and Portfolio management.
Rokhan Kumar photo
Rokhan Kumar
Business development manager
2+ years of experience as a project manager at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, founded by Roman Abramovich. Worked in active sales of a large russian bank. Graduated from the English-language faculty of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.