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Elementh is a blockchain for e-commerce, which is a register of ownership of goods with the ability to write specialized smart contracts and use of the nomenclature standard to quickly create various decentralized and centralized applications for e-commerce.

  • Category Infrastructure
  • Project Type New Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Bitcoin TalkOpenOpen Bitcoin Talk
  • Jurisdiction Russian Federation
  • Masternode No
Start Date
January 15th 2018
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End Date
February 14th 2018
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Elementh Token Token Distribution

  • ICO195,000,000 EEE64.36%
  • Team45,000,000 EEE14.85%
  • Partners and advisors40,500,000 EEE13.37%
  • pre-ICO22,500,000 EEE7.43%