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Elementh is a blockchain designed for the e-commerce market. It represents a register of "ownership of goods", which has the ability to write specialized smart contracts and use the nomenclature standard.

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Start Date
April 1st 2018
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End Date
May 1st 2018
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Sergei Riabov photo
Sergei Riabov
Since 2001, he has been creating online projects. Created and launched a number of online projects, among them the context advertising system, domain registrar, recommendation start-up and web-studio. All these products have been successfully sold to partners and other larger companies. After that, several online stores, and were launched, where the founders faced the problem of actuality of surplus and solved it by creating the project service He sold his stores and focused on the Miiix project. The project received the Startup Award of the Year 2013 in Russia and still exists. In 2017, the project is integrated with SAP Hybris to use the algorithms for product matching in major global marketplaces and retailers. In 2016, together with Dmitry Kostygin, the main shareholder of Ulmart, he created a platform for selling non-liquid surplus of retailers -
Dmitriy Bereznitskiy photo
Dmitriy Bereznitskiy
Technical director and partner in projects Miiix and Smallhorse. Since 2006, he has been developing a system of affiliated stores to attract traffic to major marketplaces such as Amazon. Experience in commercial web development for more than 15 years, experience in e-commerce for more than 10 years. Managing development teams for more than 7 years. Evangelist of Agile methodology, Lean Startup and Theory of Constraints.
Vitaliy Mengeshev photo
Vitaliy Mengeshev
Executive Director and Partner in Miiix and Smallhorse projects. One of the lecturers in IdealMachine and Skolkovo startup acceleration programs. From 2002 to 2012, he created and was actively developing his own clothing brand. Starting in 2013, he joined the Miiix team and took over operational management and business development.
Aleksandr Vasilev photo
Aleksandr Vasilev
Data Scientist
Aleksandr has extensive experience in developing systems for predictive analytics and data analysis in such areas as insurance, banking and e-commerce. In the company, Aleksandr successfully solves the problem of product matching from various data sources using the latest world developments in the field of machine learning.
Sergey Morozov photo
Sergey Morozov
Backend Developer
Sergey has more than 7 years of experience in development. System architect and database administrator of various types. Experience in building highly loaded systems. Participated in the development of SAAS service for 800k + users. He was engaged in the development of a large number of systems for data processing: from systems for the work of copywriters to financial accounting systems. A longtime fan of blockchain technology.