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eGold is a new digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain. eGold aims to unify eSports betting enthusiasts all around the world by offering an easy, quick, and secure alternative for betting on their favorite games.

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Start Date
February 18th 2018 08:00 UTC
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End Date
March 18th 2018 20:00 UTC
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Dariy Margaritov photo
Dariy Margaritov
Chief executive officer
Dariy launched UltraPlay in 2010 with the core ambition to make the company the world’s leading eSports betting data and platform provider. Driven by a deep understanding and enthusiasm of the cryptocurrency world, UltraPlay becomes the first to adopt bitcoins and offer this thrilling and cutting-edge betting option to the online gaming operators willing to provide next level of gaming entertainment to their users.
Mario Ovcharov photo
Mario Ovcharov
Chief Commercial Officer
Mario has a wide range of responsibilities and expertise covering sales management, new business development and product and customer service offering UltraPlay’s business partners unrivaled eSports, sports betting and bitcoin solutions. Mario has followed and advanced in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency world, being able to set eGold as the #1 choice for all eSports punters globally.
Lyubomira Petrova photo
Lyubomira Petrova
Chief Marketing Officer
Combining experience in traditional PR, digital communications, and marketing, Lyubomira determines strategies for reaching main public groups and audiences most effectively. With her insight of the gaming industry, Lyubomira has led the public communication of a number of gaming providers performing on an international level. She will contribute to the company’s mission of building the biggest eSports community of punters worldwide through eGold and the innovative Blockchain technology.
Elena Biserkova photo
Elena Biserkova
Global Community Manager
Elena is fluent in German, French, English, and Chinese. With her bachelor’s degree in Chinese studies and year-long specialization in China, she has key insights into both Chinese and Asian market trends. Previously, Elena worked at a sports betting company. She is excited to be a part of this project by combining her excellent language skills and her extreme passion for gaming in order to ultimately popularize eGold with the eSports fans worldwide.
Kamen Todorov photo
Kamen Todorov
Technical Lead
Kamen is a software developer with a profound crypto background. He is involved in the integration of Bitcoins to the wide business network of operators using UltraPlay’s software betting solutions. His proficiencies include ASP .net web API, Aspnet mvc, MSSQL, single page applications with Angularjs, Javascript, HTML, CSS. Besides programmer skills, he is also a good architect and tester. His work is outlined by the well-arranged architecture, readability, and organization of the code itself.

eGold Token Distribution

  • eGold token sale222,222,222 EGL25.00%
  • Development budget177,777,777 EGL20.00%
  • Contingency reserve177,777,777 EGL20.00%
  • Marketing budget133,333,333 EGL15.00%
  • eGold team88,888,888 EGL10.00%
  • eGold advisors53,333,333 EGL6.00%
  • eGold bounty program17,777,777 EGL2.00%
  • WINGS DAO forecasters17,777,777 EGL2.00%