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AIAR is democratizing education with a microlearning app.

AIAR is democratizing education for 2.5 billion people in need with a 360 degree microlearning app that uses AI for personalization, blockchain for secure certificates and EdTokens for budgeting and gamification.

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Start Date
July 10th 2018 12:00 UTC
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December 5th 2018 12:00 UTC
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United States
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Rufus Lidman photo
Rufus Lidman
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Lidman, serial entrepreneur with PhD studies, 300 lectures and 5 books, has worked with some of the renowned brands in New York, Singapore, Seoul and all Europe. He is the founder of IAB and Digital Advisor for WFA, has had more than half a dozen digital ventures and serves as a board member at listed companies.
Mats Sköld photo
Mats Sköld
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Sköld has a rich background within corporate finance - working for HSBC, Deloitte and Generali. Before coming to AIAR®, he was an entrepreneur for a number of tech startups, latest as CFO and co-founder for Acast, the world’s biggest podcast platform.
Thérèse Lundquist photo
Thérèse Lundquist
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Lundquist brings in her vast entrepreneurial background within retail and FMCG, as well as long-time marketing management experience at Benetton, Louis Vuitton, etc. She has also performed key board work at humanitarian foundations like Sightsavers and ActionAid.
Johan Granath photo
Johan Granath
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Granath boasts over 10 years tech lead experience, launching the first MFT-exchange in Europe, the world’s first real time clearing stock exchange in Sao Paulo, and Asia’s most business optimized commodity exchange in Hong Kong. He worked previously as Senior Manager at Spotify HQ.
Liza Dobrovoljc photo
Liza Dobrovoljc
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Dobrovoljc studied at University of Ljubljana and Stockholm University and developed a passion for education while working at AIESEC. She also served as a Junior Brand Manager at Beiersdorf.
George Fintikakis photo
George Fintikakis
ICO Manager
Fintikakis was previously a consultant at PwC in New York and an equity trader at Russian banks to institutional investors. His passion for blockchain led him to execute an ICO of an EdTech platform and orchestrate global roadshows. At AIAR® he oversees ICO Tactics and IR.
Denise Lopez photo
Denise Lopez
Investor Relations Manager
Lopez is an entrepreneur, blogger, international artist and former Music Director with a noteworthy track record in music industry, especially in Asia. She has launched the single “Dare to change the world” together with MC Lyte, which has already been on top lists in the USA and is AIAR®’s theme song.
Xiaoyan Zhang photo
Xiaoyan Zhang
Data Scientist
Zhang has more than 5 years of experience as a Data Scientist in Beijing, developing AI models to find natural patterns within data. At AIAR® she is responsible for the AI development and the neuro linguistic programming for the content management system.
Ida Ståhlberg photo
Ida Ståhlberg
Project Manager
Ståhlberg has previously worked with sales and admin. Plus, her experience as a model with numerous networking in combination with different coordinating roles makes her suited for external relations project management at AIAR®.
Natalie Kim photo
Natalie Kim
Data Analyst
Kim has been studying and working in Australia, Denmark in Sweden for the past 10 years. She declined a biomedical science PhD offer from Oxford and became a digital data analyst.
Aram Eskandari photo
Aram Eskandari
Crypto Architect
Eskandari has a deep understanding of blockchain and programming. As Crypto Architect, he is responsible for strategizing algorithms, tokenomics, contests, and other things surrounding AIAR®’s mobile platform.
Fredrik Engvall photo
Fredrik Engvall
Finance & Operating Support
Engvall worked at PwC within business analysis. He is currently finishing his Master's degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in stategy and IT besides working at AIAR®.
Shahjahan Yousuff photo
Shahjahan Yousuff
Head of ICO
Yousuff is an Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Blockchain Enthusiast and Co-founder of ICOcrafter. With vast experience in online marketing and webrelated projects he today runs 3 online agencies.
Victor Wallander photo
Victor Wallander
Wallander is heading the development team, with many years experience as a Fullstack developer. Victor is also the Co-Founder of ICOcrafter and We Got Edge.


EdToken Token Distribution

  • Token sale158,000,000 ED65.00%
  • Team & owners48,800,000 ED20.00%
  • Reserve25,000,000 ED10.00%
  • Bounty & Advisors12,200,000 ED5.00%


Why is your company going to succeed?

Our business idea tackles the three primary issues with one of the largest markets, the learning market, and thus is able to create ample business opportunities.

The digital part in particular is growing rapidly, showing up to 17% growth per year and expected to be worth $250 billion in 2020. The fastest growing subset of this is the mobile learning market, which is expected to reach $40 billion the same year.

With that said, it is not by chance Google’s highest ranked futurist predicts the world’s biggest digital company in 2030 to be a digital school (and AIAR®’s ambition is of course to become this global digital school).

But on the other hand, it is also true that it is one of the world’s most slow-moving markets. The digital learning market is expected to take five times as long to transform digitally compared to other markets, which is the reason for only 2% of the entire education market today being digitized. Nevertheless, the focus for most EdTech ventures (Educational Technology), is to try to digitize the existing school systems, including government agencies, schools and professions, materials etc. They are all to be commended for their heroic efforts, and they will succeed ... in 20 years’ time or so.

AIAR’s unique solution using ABC deep-tech for the underlying problems will prevail. By using AI to personalize not only the choice of courses, but the best way of learning. By embracing a bulletproof interface with blockchain technology to secure trustworthy certificates. By introducing AIAR® tokens to encourage investment in lifelong learning and turn it into a habit though gamification.

Plus, our team has the right background and competences to make it happen. We also have released a highly popular PoC to prove that we can do it.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Some grew up in the same neighbourhood, some through previous businesses and also through common networks. As the team expanded, of course we recruited team members through formal hiring processes.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Other companies developing similar ideas

Recruitment of the right talents

Finding the right investors

Global-scale problems that would have a profound impact on general people’s lives such as war and climate change

Hindering legislations