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EBCoin will disrupt the global tax refund market for international travelers by making the process instant, transparent and convenient. The project is backed by KR Partners, who have had 10 years of success with their global payment gateway solutions.

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Start Date
January 16th 2018 05:00 UTC
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End Date
February 13th 2018 05:00 UTC
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Jason J. Kim photo
Jason J. Kim
Jason started his career in graduate school and worked in the eCommerce and payment industry for 20 years. In 2007 PayPal established AP headquarters in Singapore to enter the Asian market. In that same year, Jason established Eximbay in Singapore and launched a global payment service in preparation for the growth of the cross-border e-Commerce market in Asia, including China. As an expert in process design and global payments, he has great confidence in the potential of cryptocurrency. Through the EBCoin project, he envisions opening up a new world with his enthusiasm as an innovator and entrepreneur. He has a Diploma from SNU (Seoul National University) with a major in Chemical Engineering.
Julius S. Han photo
Julius S. Han
Julius SK Han studied at PennState, majoring in Economics with MA. After graduating, he worked for Daewoo Poland for 3 years, experiencing the globalization of corporate organizations. He also worked at global consulting firms like PWC and Deloitte Consulting. He provided Biz/Corporate Strategy consulting as well as Turn-Around consulting for top-tier companies in major industries like Banking, Insurance, IT, Electronics, and the Automotive industry in South Korea. Through this career as a consultant, he got insights into several industries and acquainted himself with the effective profit/cost turnaround for global corporations. Due to his industry insight and experience, he grew GCMC to the No 1 ranked DCC company in Korea in just 4 years. By the end of 2017, GCMC has about 1,700 merchants serving international customers who are tax refund beneficiaries.
Dustin H. Kim photo
Dustin H. Kim
Dustin majored in statistics at the Seoul National University and dropped out of his undergraduate school to build up his career. This decision was driven by his fundamental belief that the correct answer always can be found in the field. He has participated and acquired experience in various computing related fields. Based on his knowledge and experience, he led and participated in about 20 projects; including shopping mall, credit card communication interfaces, liquidation systems and development of cryptocurrency solutions. He is constantly focused on maximizing the value of the blockchain as a specialist of the C, Java and Objective-C programming languages, as well as Oracle, NT and Apple Mac technologies. Currently, he acts as a bridge between real world operations and the blockchain as the CTO of the EBCoin project. Seoul National University; majored in Department of Statistics.
Peter King photo
Peter King
Peter is a trilingual international business strategist. He majored in Money and Banking, as well as International Business Strategy throughout his academic years from undergraduate to doctoral study in China and Korea. Starting with Gravity Corp., a NASDAQ listed game company, Peter has been in the ICT industry for almost 19 years. At Tencent, he developed the business model for online SNS service -QQ Zone as Senior Strategy Development Manager. He also established Tencent’s Korean Branch. At CJ E&M, he served as Senior Manager for Global Publishing Division. Peter also joined Huawei Technologies as Senior Innovation Expert to create new business models, and was appointed later as the Director of Game Center for Huawei Smart Phone Division. As a business strategist, a professional communicator and a field veteran, Peter is very energetic and passionate just like in his 20s. With vast experience in entrepreneurship, he is confidently advancing through the cryptocurrency world.
Bruce W. Yang photo
Bruce W. Yang
Project Manager
He worked as an organizer in music and visual content services and has experience in viral marketing and social dating services as a founder. Afterwards, he worked as a team leader in planning department and head of operations. Currently, he is doing his best for the success of the EBCoin project as a project manager

EBCoin Token Distribution

  • Crowd Sale750,000,000 EBC50.00%
  • Team270,000,000 EBC18.00%
  • Foundation225,000,000 EBC15.00%
  • Reserve150,000,000 EBC10.00%
  • Community Group & Partners105,000,000 EBC7.00%